Monsterworks - Album Of Man

Mortal Music
Release date 28.Mars.2013
Monsterworks is back this time with a full-length after two promising concept ep's that got good critics here.

When I first listened to their music during the 'Instincts Of Man' I was amazed by their innovative musical directions.
This is a band that plays a delightful mix of doomy,progressive metal with influences of death metal but at the same time with psychedelic parts that makes me think of Pink Floyd.
Musically it's hard to put 'em in one genre as they it varies a lot through the album.
I guess the progressive metal would be the easiest to say if one listens to the track 'All Suns Die' witch is a good example of what I tried to explain above.
The thing I love about this band is that no matter what they mix together it turns out good.
I don't know how they do it, but they create a beautiful adventure for the listener.
This can be a very easy and enjoyable album but at the same time very complex and demanding ,it all depends on the mind of the listener.

I strongly suggest you check out this brilliant band.

Album of Man will be available through all the usual digital outlets and with a special collectors' CD edition in gatefold "mini-LP" format with lyric book available direct from the band via its webstore ( The band is scheduled to enter the studio at the end of next month to start work on the follow-up.

Crest Of Darkness - In the Presence Of Death

Label : My Kingdom Music (Italy)

The Norwegian band Crest Of Darkness is back after 6 years of silence.
Maybe it's not a bad idea to take a break once in a while at lest not when the outcome sounds like it does on this release.
I'm not to familiar with all of their previous releases but one can hear witch band this is.

They haven't changed territory musically it's still black/death metal ,quality that is.
I have to say I'm quite impressed with the vocalist here he sounds angry as fuck and do a great job and varies throughout the whole album.

This is a very easy listening album if you're into this style, mainly because of the overall quality and it seems that nothing is left to chance here as all the tracks are pretty good.

The guitar sounds they create on several tracks is also somewhat unique at least for me, if you listen to tracks like 'Demon Child' or 'The Priest From Hell' you'll know what I mean.

A dark,aggressive & powerful release!

Revelation - Inner Harbor

Revelation was formed back in the 80's as a traditional doom metal band.
They have now returned with a new album 'Inner Harbor' witch is their seventh full-length album.

The first thing I noticed with this album was the excellent guitars & synths.
Starting with a slow & groovy song without repeating themselves.
Slowly building up the tempo/atmosphere witch varies from each track.

The most surprising thing with this album is the unique sound they've created 

It's like being drawn back to the 60's and forth and I can promise these musicians surely knows how to create magic.

I have to admit that the first guitar riff alone was enough to get my attention.

The funny thing with this album is that when I listen I sometimes think of Led Zeppelin,Deep Purple,Black Sabbath ,but at the same time this is far from all of the above mentioned.
They manage to create such a good fusion of it all throughout the whole album and the only thing is just to let go and drift away.

I'm trying to find a negative thing to say here,but it seems like I'm on an impossible mission here as it's so darn good musicianship and melodies here. 

The synths & guitars here is so well executed, Just listen to 'Jones Falls' or 'Rebecca At The Well'
for instance,even though I would recommend just playing the whole album through.

This is an album every stoner (or not) should have or at least check out!

A masterpiece!

Archaic Winter - Interview

'I stumbled upon the band Archaic Winter ( a peruvian/south american act ) over year ago,talked to Luis and got to hear some demo(n) tracks that I found somewhat interesting.
A twisted form of black metal with sick vocals a decent combination of todays black metal versus clearly references to old 70's bands simple but catchy ,witch is quite easy to hear in their riffs.
These days they just released their 2'nd album entitled 'Esoteric Doors' ,so I decided it was about time to have a chat with them' 

When was Archaic Winter formed and how many members are in the band at the moment? 

Luis Landeo: Well I joined the band in 2012, so Greg will answer this question, the only things I can tell, is a feel me happy to meet Greg and play in Archaic Winter, is a great
experience can sing, write lyrics, and express my insanity in music (laughs) is the true!!!
Greg Maupin: Archaic Winter was first started back in 2006 by me (Greg). At the moment we only have two members. Gregory Maupin and Luis Landeo.

You released a demo in 2012 how was the response on this release? 

Greg: The response has been excellent. Many positive reviews have been written about the Demon demo. In fact, I have not heard any bad words about it. It is very exciting and I am very pleased knowing that the music has been so well received.
Luis: Yeah, The response was really really great, after the release of "Demon", we got good cometaries, we got a lot fans, interviews, people of some big bands from Europe and SouthAmerica, and Northamerica, enjoyed our tracks, specially from people from New Zealand, Lebanon and Philipines, it was amazing, dude. A lot people downloaded the demo, it was a great experience release this demo in digital, it was my first recording because I never recorded nothing with my voice, but I felt me proud of this demo.

You got signed pretty fast after one demo, correct me if I'm wrong, but how did that happen and are you satisfied with the label so far? 

Luis: EHH NO, but it was hard for me search a label after of 6 months of release it, I dont want sound like arrogant, but I do in perseverance, I Am Perseverant, I never gave up,  I was really determined in find a label to can release the full lenght and we did (laughs) we was signed first to the italian label: From The Depths Records. From The Depths is a good label, but we got some problems in the release of this album, so I contacted with other good label from Italy, named: Warhell Records, is the label of my friend: Fabian, he is a serious producer, he work so hard in his label. So we signed now with his label Warhell Records. So the release of our second album is in June, we have to remember the first full lenght of Archaic Winter was released in 2006 by Metalbolic Records, and the first singer was Peter Hasselbrack (Bloodsoaked).
Greg : Indeed, everything is happening very fast for this project! Warhell Records have been excellent. They signed us on the strength of the Demon demo after we had difficulties with another label. I am very pleased to be a part of their label.

You're about to release your debut album 'Esoteric Doors' These days, what can we expect? I've only heard the intro/outro which didn't tell me much really, and how would you describe your music to those who haven't heard about you? 

Greg: Well, actually Esoteric Door will be our second full length. We released an album titled The Psychology of Death back in 2006 on (USA) Metalbolic Records. That album had Peter Hasselbrack of Bloodsoaked on vocals. Esoteric Doors is a move toward a sound that is similar to early 90’s Black Metal and Death Metal. The production is raw and the music has many elements of the first and second wave of Black Metal, as well as some Death Metal elements. Archaic Winter is primitive but it is not necessarily simplistic.

Luis: Ufffff This days are stressing (laughs) I want released my album, I was waiting for it for a lot months, it suppossed we will released in March 24 th but for problems with the ex label, now will be released in June but the good part is the album got a good number of pre orders, so our new label is happy. You can expect a good album of Black Death Metal, with 9 dark tracks, with an art in black and white like the old days in metal. I describe my music, like a way to meet our inner demons, to learn new concepts in this dark music, we express melody from our black hearts, we play it with passion and love to the extreme, sinister and dark Metal.

How did you come up with the title & track 'Esoteric Doors' any reason behind this?

Luis: ohh well, well the lyrics are about the black magic, i thought in the vortex, and 
the cabalistic circles, and we know this are like "doors" for esoterism, and I thought give a name easy to remind
so thats how born the idea of use the name of Esoteric Doors, about the cover art, well you know in 2006 the band had a break
and a change of singer, in part this was like some kind of death for Archaic Winter, so I took the skull represent the death, but the death is a simbol of resurrection
so I used too and death is a door to other world, the zodiac are keys and doors of the future, the ouroboros represent the immortality, so the band resurrected and will have immortality
but we will know it in the future, so we will open our esoteric doors (laughs).

now about the track: esoteric doors, well is about wizard searched treausures from hell,

but for invoke the demon will give him the treasures were lost
he had to draw magical circles to contact with lord demon
I took inspiration in the great grimoire explain how contact with the demon: 
lucifago rofocale and get treasures interesting story (laughs)

You told me earlier that some of the vocals/screams used in your music is the same as 
used in esoteric/black magic rituals to invoke demons/spirits in your area,could you tell us more about that?

Luis: (Laughs) I think you are confused about it (more curious I would say, ed.), before this interview I said I did the pronoun in enochian for the intro, for sound like an snake and at the same time like a demon, I did this intro with ambient dark sounds, and I used enochian (the language of demons) to make this album more esoteric than it is, you know this language was created by John Dee in a session of spiritism, and spiritism is part of the esoterism, by the way, I used a part of an enochian key, not all the enochian because  noboby want open doors we can´t close (laughs). About I taped my vocals in my room, and when I taped my vocals first study the kind of vocals I will use (screams, growls, clean vocals) in the music). If you listened our track: “Hails To Baphomet” I did an scream of 33 seconds, in our other track: “Left Hand Path” I used clean vocals mixing my growls and screams, is part of my vocal technique. 

Are you involved in any esoteric activities yourself or do you only use it as a 'theme' in your songs? 

Greg: Yes, in the past, but it is not something that I talk about.
Luis: I will say Greg is saying, but I can tell my city: Piura-Peru, is a city very involve in magical practices, specially in black magic, we have many legends and stories about the devil in the highlands of Piura, and we have an street in my city named: Torata street, but this street have the pseudo of “the street of the devil”, because people says in the midnight the devil was saw there, but is just a legend who knows if was true (evil laughs).

Is this a common thing in your country or is it taboo to talk loud about? 

Greg: Indeed, it is taboo among most people in the USA. People in this country are suppose to have freedom of religion but it not always true. Many Christians and Muslims look down on those who do not share the same views as they do. And to be honest, even Satanist and other occult members are also hypocrites who judge others. There seems to be no escape from bigotry so I judge no man and I only try to stay true to myself.

Luis: Yeahh, in south america we have a lot discrimination about metal, is like a taboo but at the same time we get respect from other people too, but the big problem we get sometimes this discrimination is for the possers with intolerant ideas, people says: “they are metalheads” and then they does drugs, start fights in the streets, giving of this way a bad aspect for the movement and the rest of the society are not metalheads.  I hope this situation can change and keep the metal flame alive with real and rebel metalheads!!!

How's the metal scene down there? Are there other bands we should be aware of?

Luis: The scene in south america is very underground, the problem are fans don’t support the bands here they support bands from Europe or USA, someones don’t assist to events, and if they assist is because they go to drink in the outside of the events and they says the show had a bad sound, we have many possers here, but this is for a long conversation, but I can tell you we have good fans they buy the cds, they assist to support bands and they want wild mosh pit (laughs). About bands I could recommend from this part of the continent are: Priorato, Unblessed, Deathrace, Bruthal 6, Demonized Legion, Jackhammer (this is a good Peruvian band), Chaska, Total Mosh, Insorcist, Criminal, Lacerated and Carbonized, Anal Vomit, Impiedad, Serial Asesino and many others.

When and how did you get into metal and what made you want to start playing it?

Greg: Wow, you do know that I am an old soul, correct? (laughs). (Haha,how could I know you were dating my grandma's friends? ed.) I first got into metal way back in the 1980’s. I did not want to play music until the early 90’s. I never wanted to be a famous rock star. I only wanted to created the same sounds that I had grown up listening to. There is something about a heavy and dirty guitar tone that sets my soul on fire and that is why I started playing!
Luis: I am not an old soul but I will be one (laughs), I am 23 years old, I started in metal when I was 10 years old first listening Korn, then I was 11 years old: Nu-Metal, and Metallica, is funny say when I was 12, I discovered my dad listened bands like: Led Zeppellin, Deep Purple, old Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Kiss, and the firsts peruvian heavy metal bands: PAX and Tarkus (good bands I recommend). My dad bought me my first metal album was: Papa Roach – Love Hate Tragedy and my mom bought me the Linkin Park – Reanimation.  But when I grow up I wanted play in a band, and support metal scene and when I was 14 I discovered Black Metal and Death Metal, is funny now because I make music in a band I mix: Black Metal with Death Metal, and I support metal bands with my webzine & magazine: Arsenal Del Metalero (A.D.M. zine). So people you will be ready for the Peruvian and American Metal Infection (laughs).

How do people react to extreme metal where you live is it a common thing or? It is common among a small group of people?

Greg:  I do not socialize with any scenes so I really do not have a good answer for this. I spend most of my free time locked away with my guitar away from scenes. But I would have to say that metal is most common within small social groups.
Luis: Like I said we have many posers in SA, but real peruvian fans support metal and they buy cds of Peruvian metal bands, and the reaction in gigs is we want stay in the moshpìt (laughs).

What record has made the biggest impression on you since you started listening to metal and if a random guy who had never heard metal before, what album would you recommend him? 

Greg-That is a hard question because there is so many. In the early days it was Black Sabbath, Raindow, Dio, Deep Puple and then I discovered bands like Celtic Frost, Slayer, Coroner, Sodom and Venom and thrash bands like Artillery and Holy Terror. In the 90’s I was into stuff like Obituary, Death, Immortal, Emperor and Dissection. The list goes on and on…not sure what I would recommend to someone who has never heard metal, maybe something like older Black Sabbath or Dio.

Luis: My favorite album are: Vader - The beast, Immortal - At Heart Of Winter, Negator - Old Black, Unblessed - Burning your faith, Chimaira - The Infection, Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power, Kamelot -Ghost Opera, Tim Ripper Owens - Play my Game, Lamb Of God - Ashes Of The Wake, Rotting Christ -AEALO, Goatwhore - A Haunting Curse, mystic circle - infernal satanic verses,  Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger,  I - between two worlds, Ektomorf – Outcast, Agria – Cruel Perverso, Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, Korn – Korn, Sinate - Beyond Human, Deicide – Deicide, Morbid Angel - Altars Of Madness, Bruthal 6 – AugenBlick, marduk - rom 512, necromantia - crossing the fiery path, Dagoba – Dagoba, sybreed – slave design, that’s are all the albums I can recommend too.  

Have you played any gigs yet, is there a tour planned that we should know of?

Greg: Archaic Winter has not played live yet. We hope to start doing live gigs in 2014.
Luis: Yeah, maybe we will play in Colombia, next year, is something we want do it, we hope that chance, so you can write us in facebook: I would like invite metalheads to join my page here: Thanks!!!

Thanx for the interview & congratulations with the new album! (ed.)

A few words on their new album will appear here later...

Check 'em out here!

Patronymicon 'All Daggers Towards The Sky' Promo 2013

Band :Patronymicon
Title 'All Daggers Towards The Sky'
Release Date : 2013-05-25
Label : Carnal Records
Style : Black Metal
Origin : Sweden

Well,here I am with Patronymicon's second album,and yes I had high expectations towards this album as I got my ears open for this black metal outfit after their debut album 'Prime Omega' witch I found to be a quite pleasant album for a debut that is… Also reviewed earlier in Skullfukker.

But let's get back to the new one witch seriously captured my attention ,as I've had a break from metal for a while due to several reasons.
But did I miss it? Nope.. 

Luckily this album bumped into my mail and it gave me a a lot more than the "Average Satan" bands out there compared to other albums I'd say that tho among several other Swedish acts.

Patronymicon has for my sake shown that they belong against the elite of what I consider Swedish black metal annno 2013.

It's fast furious & melodic in the traditional way like it's supposed to be and 'All Daggers Towards The Sky' gives me a pleasant ride into the dark realm of swedish madness kinda nostalgic like feeling when discovering Marduk & several acts and also with a touch of heavy metal influences now and then, a great feeling indeed.

This is way better than than the debut in many ways ,especially the sound and structure of the melodies captures me way more now.
A great release & reminder of why I still do what I do,and surely a name to keep im mind!

Highly Recommended!

Contact : Carnal Records,
               P.O. Box 5088,
               79105 Falun

MASTER Signs With FDA Rekotz; New Album Due In September

MASTER Signs With FDA Rekotz; New Album Due In September  
Death metal pioneers MASTER have inked a deal with German extreme music label FDA Rekotz for the band's landmark 12th full-length album, which is scheduled for a late September release.   

MASTER's legendary founder and frontman, Paul Speckmann, commented, "We are proud to be working with Rico and FDA and look forward to a solid future together.Watch for the next masterpiece to be unleashed on September 27th, 2013."    

FDA Rekotz has posted a video teaser for the upcoming album at this location.  

After releasing The New Elite last year to widespread critical acclaim, Speckmann and MASTER waged war on false metal across the world with an ambitious string of dates that saw the band ravage audiences across Europe and North America.  

As the saying goes, there is no rest for the wicked, and MASTER is back in action for the True Underground Warriors Tour with ENTRAPMENT, bookended by select European festival dates. More details on MASTER's upcoming FDA Rekotz debut to come.

For a full list of MASTER live dates visit

Ocellus' Departure Out Now on Pavement Entertainment

Ocellus' Departure Out Now on Pavement Entertainment
Pavement Entertainment, Inc. has just released Departure from Wisconsin modern progressive metallers OCELLUS. 

The sextet emerged from unsuspecting Lyons, Wisconsin in 2009. Combining elements of Hardcore, Metal, and Progressive Rock, they have pushed their way onto the Milwaukee scene with a mission to spread their message nationwide. Inspired by the likes of AS I LAY DYING, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, OCELLUS showcases their own aggressive brand of progressive-infused metal on the new album. The band made a splash on the live circuit and with their 2010 release Crush. Kill. Destroy. Playing countless shows and continuously touring, OCELLUS is committed to delivering a performance worth seeing over and over again. The group's drive is relentless and the show keeps growing to new heights. OCELLUS had self-released their album and sold a staggering 2,500 copies. The band signed a three-album deal with Pavement Entertainment who released Departure on May 14th.

Check out the video for "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" at this location.

Purchase Departure at

Bittersweet Misery
A Life Once Lost
 Death Of A Tyrant
Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
My Protector
Undying Allegiance
The Great Escape

"Ocellus makes an exceptional achievement with their debut record." - Metalkrant
Get in touch at for interviews and  press inquiries.



Matt - Vocals
Jordan - Guitars
Griff - Guitars
James - Guitars/Cleans
Phil - Bass/Cleans
Goody - Drums/Funny Man

Kaotoxin Records Releasing Hand of Glory from UK Instrumental Doom Act THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK on July 2nd (FR) and August 6th (UK/U.S.)

Kaotoxin Records Releasing Hand of Glory from UK Instrumental Doom Act THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK on July 2nd (FR) and August 6th (UK/U.S.)

Kaotoxin Records will release Hand of Glory from French instrumental doom act THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK on July 2nd in France and August 6th in the UK and U.S.

"Loud and Low" is the motto for a band playing with two drummers that anchor a sound rife with dynamics and contrast, while the EP as a whole works as a hypnotizing, mesmerizing soundtrack to the apocalypse. Walls crumble, the Earth cracks and the gates of Hell are thrown wide open; never has an earthquake sounded so magnificent. Deep droning bass and primitive twin-percussion bring the rumble, as a roaring low-end thunder, spiked with dark melodies from the guitar tandem produce images of silver surfers riding the crest of a tsunami. This is devastation in all its beauty. Produced by (who else?) BILLY ANDERSON, the first 1,000 copies of Hand of Glory come as a limited edition, hand numbered deluxe digifile.

A promo video for the EP is now playing at this location.

Next month, THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK will head out on a series of European and UK dates in support of Hand of Glory. For tour dates and updates go HERE.

A Whisper to the Thunder
The Dreamcatcher

Contact for press inquiries.


Simon Herbaut (guitars)
Arnaud Silvert (guitars)
Sebastien Tarridec (bass)
Nicolas Tarridec (drums)
Christopher Poirier (drums, also of Human Jail)

France - SoundWorks / UK & Eire - Code7 / US & Canada - MVD / Digital - The Orchard 

Pavement Entertainment to Release Necrospire from Chicago Deathcore act I KILLED EVERYONE July 9th

Pavement Entertainment to Release Necrospire from Chicago Deathcore act

The aptly named
I KILLED EVERYONE will release its debut full-length (following two EPs) Necrospire on Pavement Entertainment July 9th.

Formed in 2008, the Chicago band delivers a ferocious slab of Deathcore with Necrospire. Unlike most bands of their genre, I KILLED EVERYONE is influenced by classic death metal bands from the 90's such as SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, and MORBID ANGEL. The band incorporates many of these influences to form a unique sound of modern deathcore with undeniable classic death metal overtones. With brutal, yet understandable, vocals and blast beats galore, I KILLED EVERYONE knows how to pummel an audience. The group has taken the scene by storm and continues to build their brand of extreme music both live and through aggressive social media. Be prepared: They WILL kill everyone!

A promo video/album teaser is now playing at this location.

Pre-order Necrospire at

A Sanguinary Mass
Grimoire I - Eviscerated
The Devourer Beyond
Born of the Abattoir
State of Filth
Crucified and Consumed
Grimoire II - One with the Void
The Human Error

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Tim O'Brien: Vocals
Bill Williams: Guitar
Jason Cordero: Bass
A.J Kolar: Guitar
Tom Salazar: Drums

PANZERCHRIST Announce New Album - The 7th Offensive

PANZERCHRIST Announce New Album - The 7th Offensive
Danish death metal mercenaries PANZERCHRIST are releasing their seventh album, aptly entitled The 7th Offensive on July 15th on Listenable following their previous and highly- acclaimed 2011 release, Regiment Ragnarok.
PANZERCHRIST used three different studio to complete their new assault.  Guitars and bass were recorded in the Igloo by HR Swan, drums  were recorded at AMP studio by Jens Förster and Markus Ziemer and vocals and the final mix were done in Death Island Studio with engineer Marco Angioni.
Although very extreme musically on a constant basis, PANZERCHRIST have never quite done the same album twice.  The 7th Offensive shows a slightly more melodic and evil approach to the guitars; enhancing the grey, sinister feel of a battlefield. The band's intended bleak sound was without a doubt achieved. The album also sees PANZERCHRIST return to the ultra-guttural and pure death metal styled vocals.

Make no mistake, PANZERCHRIST 's new album retain the violence and über-brutality the band has been known for.

Stream album track "Dogger Dead" at this location.

The 7th Offensive track listing:

1 Panzer The 7th Offensive
2  Foreign Fields
3 In The Name Of_Massacration
4 Stronghold Of Hill 666
5  Dogger Dead
6 Mass Attack Of The Lychantrope Legion
7  Kill For Revenge
8  Drone Killing
9 Napalm Alarm
10 Pig Parade

Panzer General  Michael Enevoldsen on bass and synth
Søren Tintin Lønholdt: Vocals
Nils Petersen: Guitars, 
Simon Schilling : Drums