Against Magazine #3 out now!

Against Magazine issue #3 is out now featuring the Portuguese renowned masters of sonic extreme metal progression MALEVOLENCE as coverstars. They’re back 14 years after the release of the critically acclaimed “Martyrialized”, this time with “Antithetical”, a brutal album and candidate to the best of 2013 list! This month also marks the return of Leather Leone to CHASTAIN. She’s the original vocalist and one of the originators of the female Power Metal vocal style. Against Magazine caught up with guitarist David Chastain to discuss her comeback and their new album “Surrender To No One”. Against Magazine’s Jorge Alves also caught up with THE OCEAN’s Robin Staps in the Oporto city, as part of their last European tour with the current line up, to talk about all the changes and the new album. A very complete interview that you can't miss if you're a fan of the band. You can also find features on: AVATARIUM, SOLSTAFIR, ARTILLERY, EPHEL DUATH, CODE, TAD MOROSE, FALKENBACH, DAWN HEIST, DEATH TOLL RISING, VANHELGA, ADE, SINFUL, COLD CELL, FOR THE GLORY, WE ALL DIE (LAUGHING), REMAINS IN A VIEW, FATAL FUSION, SLEEPING ROMANCE and WINDS OF PLAGUE.

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Against Magazine streams : Svart 'Det Personliga Helvetets Spiral'

ART OF PROPAGANDA has released "Det Personliga Helvetets Spiral", the latest full-length from SVART back in August, and now AGAINST MAGAZINE has the honor to stream it in full!

STREAM SVART "Det Personliga Helvetets Spiral" at this location:

SVART is the solo musical venture of Draug, SHINING's bassist, who is also known in daily life as Christian Larsson. The project started back in mid 2007, heavily influenced by slow, oppressive Black Metal. The first demo "Då allt upphör", and the debut "Vanära, vanmakt och avsmak" had quite an impact to those who were a fan of early Shining and now Draug is back with "Det Personliga Helvetets Spiral", an album where the musician decided to take a different path in his musical style.
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BATTLEROAR Announces New Album

Watch the Video

Greek Epic Metal Heroes BATTLEROAR have entered Devasoundz Studio in Athens, Greece to start the recording process for Blood of Legends, the band's first studio album since 2008's To Death and Beyond... The album will be produced by Thymios Krikos (INNERWISH) together with the band and is expected to be in April of next year on Cruz del Sur Music.   

Blood of Legends is the first BATTLEROAR album to feature SACRED STEEL vocalist Gerrit Mutz, who joined the band last year. It also marks the recording debuts of bassist Stavros Aivaliotis and guitarist Antreas Sotiropoulos, both of whom joined BATTLEROAR's ranks after the release To Death and Beyond...   

The song "Poisoned Well," taken from Blood of Legends, appears in the Greek fantasy feature film, "The Dragonphoenix Chronicles : Indomitable." The instrumental track has been posted for streaming at this location

For more on the film, visit

Blood of Legends will be released on digipack, limited-edition vinyl and digital formats.

FUNERAL CIRCLE Release Self-titled Album on Shadow Kingdom Records

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Canadian Epic Doomsters FUNERAL CIRCLE have released their self-titled debut on Shadow Kingdom Records. Hailing from the icy mountains of Canada, FUNERAL CIRCLE is one of the most promising young bands to enter the realms of doom metal in recent memory. Selections from the album are playing at this location.

Order Funeral Circle at

"Heavy. Eerie. Epic. Melodic." - Temple of Perdition

"These are a collection of tracks destined to be played in huge halls. This wall of noise is massive, which leads me to the following question: Why hasn't everyone heard of Funeral Circle already? This is unacceptable. You need to know." -
Adrian M. - Vocals
M "Pilgrim" B. - Guitars
M.K. - Bass
S. M. - Guitars
P. F. - Drums

Crowdburn new single released

Watch the Video


Swedish metallers, CROWDBURN, have released their new bizarre video for ALLIGATOR. The video sees a gang of alligators descend on the White House and take over the world in the process. Sounds silly right?!

Watch the video on Youtube by clicking below:
Crowdburn - Alligator (music video)
Watch the Video
***** 104 ratings 3216 views

'ALLIGATOR' is taken from the band's new album 'IGNITION' which was released on 11/10/13 on Discouraged Records.

Video by Erik Engbo & Björn Algers, Standard Film Team, 2013
Kicking and screaming their way out of Umeå in northern Sweden, CROWDBURN are back with their new record IGNITION. The five piece are renowned for their genre crossing hybrid of thrash, death metal and punk rock. IGNITION is a record that will have you circle-pitting, headbanging and singing along to the soaring melodies all at the same time.

Formed in late 2010, with the sole reason to write, record, play and tour heavy music, CROWDBURN hit the touring circuit hard in Scandanavia. This has included playing huge Nordic festivals like House of Metal and Rock Out Wild.

IGNITION is a record that stands proud and CROWDBURN are not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Taking no shame in drawing influences from 90's thrash, modern metal and in particular from their heroes, such as System Of A Down, Devin Townsend and Pantera.

The message from CROWDBURN is simple. These guys have made this band their number one priortiy and simply want to have a great time. The bands first music video, 'Confronted', clearly shows that these guys are down to earth and have a great sense of humour. CROWDBURN are well known for their unique music videos. Both songs 'Confronted' and the cover 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' are great Youtube successes. Together they have half a million views and Scary Monsters topped the Swedish charts during the week it was released.

Band Members:
Aron Andersson - Vocals
Christoffer Lindmark - Guitar(Lead Guitarist)
Patrik Wall - Guitars
Jonathan Holmgren - Bass
Andreas Grehn - Drums


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at: emil(at)idleproduction(dot)se


HAMMER FIGHT Checks In From the Road

New Jersey thrash n' rollers HAMMER FIGHT are currently on the road in support of the recently released Chug of War. To preserve every drunken moment of the Chug of Tour Vol II Tour, the band is keeping a written record of the hell being raised via a series of blog posts on The latest installment has been posted at this location.  

Remaining Chug of Tour Vol. II dates:

11/19 - Columbus, OH - The Shrunken Head
11/20 - Chicago, IL - Cobra Lounge
11/21 - Akron, OH - Annabelle's Lounge
11/22 - Erie, PA - The Beer Mug
11/23 - Asbury Park, NJ - The Saint

Chug of War is out now on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. A cross between Slayer, Motorhead, and beer, HAMMER FIGHT return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, who released the band's 2011 untitled EP, for Chug Of War. Combining ripping guitars, bass leads and gritty dirty vocals, HAMMER FIGHT stand out from the rest with a unique sound. Chug Of War is a rockin' album of drunken madness for fans of Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Anthrax, Slayer, Blood Duster, Blood For Blood, Carnivore, Thin Lizzy, Gang Green and Venom.

Chug of War is now streaming in full at

The album is available in digital and CD (limited to 500 copies) formats the link above.

The DC in the City-directed music video for "I Didn't Feel Like Drinking (Until I Started Drinking)," also from Chug of War, is now playing at the link below:

"Chances are, they'll steal your drink and fuck your girl..."  -
"This four piece of tattooed Jersey shore hooligans play a real aggro punk metal influenced highly by MOTORHEAD." - Scumfeast Metal 666

"Only pussies don't like this band." - Some Really Smart Dude 
Spawned from a New Jersey scene saturated with death metal and hardcore, HAMMER FIGHT brings a sound that many kids these days may have missed; Hard Rockin' Metal. Versatile enough to share the stage with the most extreme death metal acts to classic hard rock bands and everything in between. HAMMER FIGHT is here to kick some ass!  Keep your eyes and ears open, they'll be in your town soon.
Drew Murphy - Bass, Vocals
Ryan Blackman - Guitar
Todd Stern - Guitar
Justin Spaeth - Drums



Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle
Clawhammer PR  
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BONES: Sons of Sleaze Out Now on Planet Metal

Chicago's filthiest trio marches out of the sewers of hell with twelve freshly-severed slabs of death metal sleaze! Punk-injected metallers BONES has officially released their second full-length, Sons of Sleaze, on Planet Metal. Album track "13" has been posted HERE.

For ordering info, visit

Sons of Sleaze delivers its unfair share of nasty surprises, incorporating violent blasts and low-tuned slime with a dirty rock-and-roll backbone that has never been more apparent, especially when it comes to Jon Necromancer's undead belch!  The impossibly-heavy combination of Necromancer's bass and Carcass Chris's muscular guitar riffs is once again captured in all its devastating glory, and drummer Joe Warlord's huge vocabulary of patterns and fills keeps the energy level in the red for the entire 37-minute beating that is Sons of Sleaze.  Held together by a cover that could only be called "a new low" for artist Putrid, this album is highly recommended for the rotten-hearted, ill-natured, and furious! Sons of Sleaze was recorded with Sanford Parker (Lair of the Minotaur, Nachtmystium).

"This is death metal for those who favor the genre as an pure underground thing. No fancy stuff or anything elegant here, just real death metal, pure and simple."
- Eternal Terror

"The 12 songs that comprises Sons of Sleaze come and go with little surprise (other than Bones' blasting rendition of Terroroizer's Fear of Napalm), yet entertain in their brief hack-n-punch delivery." - Worm Gear 'Zine

Jon Necromancer - bass, lead vocals
Joe Warlord - drums, vocals
Carcass Chris - guitar, vocals
Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle
ClawHammer PR

Naturmacht Productions Newsletter

Naturmacht Productions / Rain Without End Records News
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Our upcoming releases!

I. Coming on 30th December


[NP046] Depicting Abysm -

Anxious Waters video
Descent on Soundcloud

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[NP047] Gandreid -
"Nordens Skalder"

Skaldens Soenner video
Voyage towards redemption on Soundcloud

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II. First release 2014: AGAEL - "Trost"

Our first release 2014 will be the long awaited second album of the one man band AGAEL.
AGAEL is one of our first und most loyal bands. He is a part of our family since 2009 and released the debut "Hybris" under our banner.

The succesor is called "Trost" and will be released on 25th February. More infos will follow soon!

In order to make the waiting even harder for you, it is possible to listen now to the song "Menschensohn"


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News Submission by Lavadome Records View this email in your browser HEAVING EARTH recording new album, drum footage online The Czech death metal commando Heaving Earth is in the process of recording new material for its sophomore album, a follow-up to 2010 debut album Diabolic Prophecies. The new, as of yet untitled, album consists of 8 songs and is to be released in Winter/Spring 2014 via Lavadome Records. Expect sophisticated yet extreme and unadulterated death metal. Below you can watch a teaser containing footage of the drummer, Jirka Zajic, recording new material. There are also samples of guitar tracks to be heard in the second part of the teaser. If you are not finished yet, you may listen to "Redemption Ablaze" EP, which was recorded in summer 2012, right before the band went on European tour alongside Marduk and Immolation. The EP contains two songs of the upcoming album and can be downloaded for free at following location: Last physical copies of the EP will be avalailable from Lavadome store ( in the upcoming days. Contacts: Share Tweet Forward to Friend Many thanks for sharing this news through your zine, web, social networks. Jan ~ Lavadome Copyright © 2013 Lavadome productions, All rights reserved. Metal Media - Newsletter Our mailing address is: Lavadome productions HV, Czech Republic HV 38491 Czech Republic Add us to your address book

ACACIA - Tills döden skiljer oss åt

This is to me a totally new experience or should I say journey?

The Swedish outfit Acacia delivers a somewhat different album from what we usually get here.
At first listen I thought that this was some boring ambient stuff who repeated itself over and over each track.
I was terribly wrong and I have to bow down for that mistake.

'Tills döden skiljer oss åt' is to me a beautiful peace of art and a journey through a dreamy landscape revealing itself more and more throughout the album.
It's impossible how to describe how the manage to blend in all the different elements in here without failing.
I mean there are male vocals here mostly clean ,but also growly and even screamy.
All this combined with some nicely done female vocals a lot of their lyrics is done in their native language which is Swedish.

The music has mostly a warm feel to it as the album starts out with acoustic guitars and piano which slowly builds up towards very atmoshpheric (death) metal and then slows down again .

Their use of synths is just excellent and makes their sound more complete I would say.

It's a very majestic album overall and you should listen to the whole album as one.
I could go on forever to describe it,but to keep it short I can say that you are in for a lot of surprises on this album.

If you like bands like My Dying Bride and similar acts this might be something for you.


Irem - Obscuritas Aeterna (Ger)

Release date: May 11th, 2013.       Label: Self-released

This german black metal outfit's debut has been out for a while now.
This is pretty straight forward black metal pretty brutal ,but still I find it melodic at times thanx to the guitars I guess.
I have to admit that this is not bad at all ,but at times it ends up somewhat boring as it's far from original with it's typical black metal sound and screams.

If you look away from that it's a pretty descent album and it's worth a listen if you're a die hard black metal fan.
As for me it's pretty good when I only listen to one or two songs it's good ,if I listen to the whole album it becomes 'too much' ,but then again it's a matter of taste..

I wish they could focus on making 'their own' tracks in the future and not just play fast and technical all the way, as this band truly has talent and are good at handling their instruments,the vocals is good, but I want to hear tracks I don't feel I've heard somewhere else before.