Savage 7 - Live N Lethal

NWOBHM trailblazers SAVAGE have released a new studio album 7, which also includes a a second live performance disc.  7 features 12 blistering new tracks, which mix old with new. Many of the tracks are fast paced and hark back to the early days, whilst tracks such as “Superspy’ and Empire Of Hate’ sound akin to something off a modern OZZY album or even METALLICA at their best!

The second disc, Live N Lethal, features 13 live tracks. Included is the entirety of classic 1983 debut album Loose N Lethal, which is given a fresh treatment in the form of a recently recorded gig in the band's hometown of Mansfield (UK). The Loose n Lethal album is delivered at a furious pace, along with a few choice tracks from the band's back catalogue. 

SAVAGE, once credited for influencing METALLICA to play fast, the band has a strong history starting out in the 80s. Even though the band has often been linked to the NWOBHM movement, their roots are more in the vintage classic rock with a modern feel. Influences such as THIN LIZZY and DEEP PURPLE abound and yet with new material they sound incredibly contemporary and fresh. Their debut album, Loose n Lethal became a classic and was the biggest selling independent import in to USA in its day. The band have had a stop-start career but came back with a vengeance in 2012 with the epicSons Of Malice. The band has been busy ever since on the live scene in the UK and Europe and most recently an Italian tour earlier this summer.

Fun Fact: The song "Let it Loose" was covered by METALLICA on their first demo Hit the Lights.

INNER SANCTUM - Indian Death Metal behemoths raise the bar

Inner Sanctum are one of the biggest and most professional bands from this region and it's not hard to see why. With guest appearances from James Murphy (Death, Testament, Disincarnate), Christopher Amott (Arch Enemy) and Daniel Mongrain (Voivod, Cryptopsy, Gorguts, Capharnaum), 'Legions Awake' has got to be one of the best albums to come out from India in its history. The press so far has loved it too - 

"Not only is this an achievement for themselves but it is one for musical evolution" - Metal Temple (Greece) 10/10

"Legions Awake is a giant stompfest from start to finish." - Rolling Stone India 4/5

"Legions Awake is heavy as fuck, with real depth and maturity" - All About the Rock (UK) 9/10

"A state of the art neck-wrecker" - Worship Metal (UK) 9/10

"‘Legions Awake’ is an album executed to perfection." - Metal Gallows 88%

"a snarling, riff laden beast of an album" - The Killchain (UK)

Metal Wani - 9.5/10

Dark View - 9/10 

Headbangers - 89% 

Totgehoert - 8/10

INNER SANCTUM (India) - 'Legions Awake' 

Genre - Death Metal
Release Date - Mid-2015

Bangalore-based Indian death metal band Inner Sanctum are doing everything right to ensure that they raise the bar for this style of music in the country. Right from the phenomenal and unprecedented guest appearances from members of Death, Testament, Voivod, Arch Enemy and others to the creation of a standard-setting lyric video, Inner Sanctum are doing it all to perfection, always being a step ahead of their peers in the region. With superior visual aesthetics, courtesy the band's own vocalist Gaurav Basu, who is also a professional artist, the band have also made sure that they sound intimidating too, having done the engineering job at LSD Studios in Germany. Musically, they are delving into a modern but incredibly heavy style of death metal with unshakeable structuring, as well as incorporating earth-tearing breakdowns, and lastly, inviting great musicians to perform solos to lend melodic sensibilities to their impermeably strong music. 'Legions Awake' is a landmark release from this region and there's little evidence to suggest otherwise. 

Album Line-up: 
Gaurav Basu - Vocals (also the artist)
Chintan Chinnappa - Guitar
Suraj Gulvady - Guitar
Narayan Shrouthy - Bass
Abhinav Yogesh - Drums


Album Track list: 
1. Incipiens 01:54
2. Wake of Destruction 04:28
3. Reflections of the Past 04:36
4. Realms of Oblivion 03:39
5. Legions Awake 04:34
6. Tainted Soils 04:36
7. March of the Wounded 05:48
8. Existence Denied (with Guest Solos) 05:48
9. Guardian 05:18


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Darkest Era - Gods And Origins - Review

Cruz Del Sur MusicRelease: 20 November 2015
This 7" EP features one new song 'Elohim' and a re-recording of an early gem called 'An Dagda Awakens' (renamed "An Dagda" for the 7").
It's a shame it's only two tracks 'cause this is good stuff!Celtic Metal from Ireland is not to be messed around with dark & melancholic mixed with old school heavy metal ,especilly Iron Maiden comes to mind while listening to the riff structure on 'An Dagda'This is an album very easy to like and digest and I sincerely hope we hear more from this band.This is the first time listening to the band & hopefully not the last.
A good advice : check out this release as it's a darn good one!

Pestilence - The Dysentry Penace - Review

Pestilence was one of the leading and most influential dutch thrash bands formed in '86.
The ‘ The Dysentry Penace’ album contains both demos recorded in the late 80’s.
 First four tracks are taken from their debut demo ‘Dysentry’ from 1987. Late 1987 Pestilence recorded their second demo ‘The Penance’. It was their first recording with legendary Martin van Drunen on vocals (Asphyx, Hail of Bullets).

Bonus to the album are 2 live tracks, recorded when Pestilence played their first festival in Eibergen in Holland in 1988.

Personally I haven't listened much to Pestilence ecxept for 'Testimony Of The Ancients' which for me is a timeless classic.
Listening to this I find some cool moments & riffs now and then, but for me who mostly listened to 'Testimony Of The Ancients' this does not really appeal in the long run.
Besides it's demo releases and not much to be said really, as I've heard most tracks, for people new to Pestilence and 80's thrash in general I recommend a listen.
That being said I really enjoy some tracks 'The Dysentry Penace'offers, makes me wanna crack a beer bottle and bang my head!
Fans of Pestilence will probably embrace it as it has alot of cool tracks included,the sound is of course more raw and a great addition to the collection.
If you like 80's thrash you'll love this!

Progressive/Melodic Death Metallers FALL to Release 'The Insatiable Weakness' / Featuring SOILWORK's Dirk Verbeuren

Texas Progressive/Melodic Death Metallers FALL will self-release The Insatiable Weakness onJanuary 26, 2016. Technically accomplished and musically magnificent, the album is a tour de force of dual-guitar firepower and unforgettable melodies. Chemistry is key and The Insatiable Weakness is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Featuring the dynamic rhythm section of session drummer Dirk Verbeuren (SOILWORK) and bassist extraordinaire David Gutierrez, the guitar wizardry of Daniel Benavides, and the soaring vocals and colorful keys of Jessie Santos, The Insatiable Weakness is one of 2016's first awe-inspiring journeys into the progressive metal realm. 

here, respectively. Both songs can also be streamed on FALL's Bandcamp page below:

The Insatiable Weakness was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Robert Beltran at Precision Studios. Check out The Insatiable Weakness album teaser video here.

Track Listing:

1. From Ashes
2. Not of the Sky
3. Ever Hollow
4. Harvester*
5. Cinis**
6. Desolation
7. Soul Ignition
8. dust
9. Empty
10.  Gods of Ruin
11. You were but a Shade
*Guest vocals on Harvester by Jessie Frye
**Guest vocals on Cinis by Asa Dubberly 

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A B A T O N - We are certainly not made of flesh (october, 1st / 2015)

((( sludge / post metal )))
[Forlì-Cesena, Italy - Drown Within Records, Martire Records, Unquiet Records]

The story so far...
Abaton is a project created in 2009 and the characteristics of the sounds are a mixture of obscure and gloomy doom and sludge, with powerful harcore openings. The ultimate purpose of the band is to create dark and meditative atmospheres, until to scratch the most introspective and oniric side of every individual.


CHRONOVORUS' Those Who Dwell In Ruin Out Now.


To Those Who Dwell in Ruin, the debut collaboration between Arizona Blackened Doom Metallers and London-based Merdumgiriz Records is out today on hand-made tape!

Four songs of distorted desolation divide the 25-minute EP. It starts out and is intercut with a nihilistic synthesizer track that speaks in tongues of desolate spirits entrapped in dungeons lost. The rest of the tracks are driven by sludgy fat distorted guitar sounds that leave you naked and half skinned between tall walls of the kick and snare that are at once deep and bulleting! The vocals, cymbals and all the high-pitched elements blend perfectly into this metal of ruins as pale spirits wandering in dark moist castle walls thanks to an analogous and raw production. Along with fast sections, romantically pessimistic solos and deep chanted vocals often cut by ambient atmospheres of haunted deeps, this album is a perfect addition to the mental asylum art syndicate of Merdumgiriz.

Chronovorus began in 2015 with the unified efforts of 4 wretched desert dwelling musicians. Veterans of Black Metal combined with the fresh blood of a new initiate mutated into the bleak doom laden Black Metal of Chronovorus. Within months the band recorded To Those Who Dwell In Ruin, a demo/Ep containing songs of bleak dead planets, cosmic horrors wrought by mad gods, and distorted ritual utterances. The band has since continued a series of live performances spreading their hideous messages to audiences.

As with all his work on Merdumgiriz Records, Emir Toğrul's grand vision, each copy of To Those Who Dwell in Ruin Tape will be made by hand in the artisanal style.

Rusting Gates and Fading Invocations
A Star Oath
The Mad Ones Beckon
To Those Who Dwell in Ruin

  For more CHRONOVORUS, including complete discography and merch, visit the links below:


Reviews and Interviews:



SKULLWINX (Epic Speed Metal) | News & upcoming album 2016

=Preference for the heroes of the ancient world=
2016 will be their year of EPIC SPEED METAL!
„The clash of epicness and speed“:
exactly this combination attracts the modern Power Metal-head as well as the NWOBHM fan.
They deliver their special style through the vocals of Johannes Haller which sound like Hansi Kürsch has taught him how to sing.
Bass and Guitars are reminding of old RUNNING WILD.

To put it in a nutshell: Bavarian SKULLWINX brings all the energetic music from the 80‘s back on the stage.
In their regional area they gained a big fanbase, especially because of their high live quality.

New songs are in the making, the release of the still untitled next album is scheduled for summer / autumn 2016.
Both guitarists Lennart Hammerer and Severin Steger will soak the whole with a massive dose of iconic 80s flair.

Simultaneous, the band embarks then also the first time to look for a label to publish the upcoming release with an completely professionally operating record company.
So far SKULLWINX wanted to preserve their absolute independence at this level, but the plans of the parties have become just as larger and more demanding as the songs themselves.
In Winter 2013 SKULLWINX released their EP "St. George", which already was a hint how the band would develop.
On this record they were playing slower and more British influenced.

Nevertheless one could already guess their creative potential, which unfolded in their debut album "The Missions Of Heracles".
It is a concept album based on the ancient legend of Heracles who had to solve various missions to save the souls of his family.

SKULLWINX delivers the emotions and different characters of the creatures with enormous guitar riffing and diversified song writing very well.
Regarding their constantly growing fanbase and their young age, this might be a band with perspective.

Beside songwriting activities SKULLWINX are also eagerly looking currently for new gigs in 2016 in clubs, festivals etc.:


SKULLWINX - "The Missions Of Heracles" MEDIA FEEDBACK:

9.9 / 10
“Each song is a minor masterpiece, a selection of quality riffs“

9.5 / 10
“A killer album! Epic and heavy metal at their top. Very inspired.“

9 / 10
“These young people [..] created incorporating melodies, moments of speed [..] with a mysterious and sudden changes of melodic harmonies with big punch.”
(Mundorock Heavy)

8 / 10
“SKULLWINX are a very great sounding epic power/heavy metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this recording.”

7.5 / 10
“Overall, the vinyl has a lot of little highlights that actually spray the youthful enthusiasm and freshness.”

“Epic masterpiece forged by mighty metal knights!”

"This bavarian band counts on historical topics, epic steel and their talented instrumentalists"
(MetalHammer Germany, Demozone)

"One Of Best Albums Of 2014"
(Club Heavy Metal Maniaxe)

"…more than impressive…"
(Rock Hard, Demozone)


Release: "The Missions Of Heracles“ (Album, 2014)
Genre: Epic Speed Metal
Label: Self-financed


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Them - Forever Burns (Single) - Info,tour dates

THEMForever Burns [single]
Self-ReleaseRelease: 31 October 2015
Lyric/Promo Video for "Forever Burns:"THEM's Sweet Hollow is a chilling concept album that features bassist Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X), drummer Kevin Talley (SUFFOCATION), guitarist Markus Ullrich (LANFEAR), guitarist Markus Johansson (SYLENCER), keyboardist Richie Seibel (LANFEAR), and vocalist Troy Norr ("KK Fossor") of COLD STEEL.  The band will follow the album release with a U.S./Canadian tour as direct support for the legendary HELLOWEEN (scroll down for dates).
Sweet Hollow chronicles the bizarre journey of a man caught between unfortunate circumstance and unspeakable evil. The album will be released independently on CD and limited edition double gatefold vinyl LP in January 2016 through all major online music outlets, including iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and Spotify.

THEM Tour Dates with HELLOWEEN:

Feb 28 - Olympia Theater, Montreal

Feb 29 - Imperial Theater, Quebec City

Mar 1 - Playstation Theater, NY, NY

Mar 3 - Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH

Mar 4 - Concord Music Hall, Chicago, IL

Mar 6 - Showbox, Seattle, WA

Mar 7 - Avalon, Los Angeles, CA 

Dark Essence to re-release Momentum's first album 15 January 2016

Dark Essence Records will follow up their release of MOMENTUM's sophomore full-length album "The Freak Is Alive" with a trip into the band's past and the digital release of their debut album "Fixation, at Rest" on the 15th January.

"Fixation, at Rest" was originally released in 2010 on Molestin Records, with the band's then lineup of Hörður Ólafssonon Vocals & Bass, Ingvar Sæmundsson on Guitar & Backing Vocals, Kristján Einar Guðmundssonon Drums and Erling Orri Baldursson on Guitar. The ten-track album was recorded at Island Studios by Axel Árnason and Studio Njallinn by Momentum in 2009 and mixed and mastered by Axel Árnason at Studio ReFlex in 2010.

Formed in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 2003, originally as a Black/Death metal project, MOMENTUM's first releases included "The Requiem" EP appearing in 2006, and the "Your Side of the Triangle" EP in 2008. The release of "Fixation, at Rest", saw the band leave their roots behind them and develop their own sound and identity.

Released with new cover artwork.

Hörður Ólafsson - Vocals & Bass
Ingvar Sæmundsson - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Kristján Einar Guðmundsson - Drums
Erling Orri Baldursson - Guitars

1. Intro
2. Metamorphose
3. Holding Back
4. Red Silence
5. The Conduits Lead
6. As the Skies Break
7. Prosthetic Sea
8. The Eye that Leads the Way
9. Inspiration
10. Fixation, at Rest