Among Gods Martyr Promo Video

  Promo from the upcoming album on PRC.

Quebec-based underground label PRC MUSIC is announcing a new addition to its roster of bands, Bergen, Norway's AMONG GODS.

 Featuring current and ex-members from Syrach, Arvas & Vinterbris, AMONG GODS plays a very heavy and groovy old school death metal with great arrangements and superb vocal lines.
PRC Music is now offering as a free download, "Martyr", the first single from the coming self titled album to be released in April of 2013.

A limited 12" LP edition will be available from the band directly in January.

Incantation (US) 'Vanquish In Vengeance'

Listenable Records Release: 27 November 2012

Band Members : 

John McEntee – guitar, vocals (1989–present)
Kyle Severn – drums (1994-1998, 2000-2007, 2009-present)
Alex Bouks – guitar (2008–present)
Chuck Sherwood – bass (2008–present)

This band should be well known to most of you,but maybe unknown to some so here is a little introduction...

Incantation is an American death metal band that was formed by John McEntee and Paul Ledney in 1989. They are one of the leaders in the New York death metal scene along with fellow bands Suffocation and Immolation, even though the band is currently located in Pennsylvania.
The band has seen many lineup changes in their 22-year history and guitarist John McEntee is the sole original member. Incantation is notable for mixing widely varied tempos into their music, often playing slow, down-tuned passages similar to those performed by other death/doom bands like Autopsy.

To date the band has released eight full-length records, two live records, four EP's, two singles, three splits, one DVD, and three demos.


I got this one a while ago,but for some reason I was not tempted to listen to this one before a few weeks passed.
Most likely since I've lost faith in some of my old metal masters in general,since some just tend to end up as a bad clone of themselves and don't know when to stop,while it seems like other bands decide to do a 'comeback' since extreme metal is bigger now than in the late 80's - early 90's. And unfortunately this sells.
I'm not saying it's all bad,but there are examples of this without going deeper into that.
After all this is about Incantation...!  (my mistake. ed)


It's been much death metal lately,and here we are again!
'The Elders Know best' is an expression used often and many often disagree with this including me,but as I listen to 'Vanquish In Vengeance' I understand why the term is used at times.

You know why? Simply 'cause here they are 22 years older as a band still playing death metal all the way.
And does this album do any justice to death metal? Hell yeah!
All respect to Incantation for still playing and releasing this album.

This is what I expect and want to hear while it spins plain death metal with groovy basslines,tuned guitars & those twisted 'backwards' sounding guitar solos.
A haunting dark vocal and cool variation of drum beats who make my liver shiver.
And this is exactly what they deliver,death metal in it's purest traditional way.

It's like with all other bands you don't necessarily want a new genre for each album,
and as long as an album is as good as this,where they actually deliver 10 excellent tracks of brilliant metal with variation and nice tempo changes as they make room for quality melodies and slow parts throughout the whole album.
What makes a fan more happy than that?
I think this will appeal to both old and new fans,who cares? I enjoyed every minute of it,no 'deadlights' on this one!
Like traveling back & forth in time musically.

Vanquish in Vengeance was recorded at Mars Studio with Bill Korecky and mixed by Dan Swano at Unisound Studios.


Official Fan Page

Unspoken (Nor) - "Requiem Aeternam Deo "2012

Label : Deathrune Records

Unspoken was formed back in 2002 with members from Varulv,Spurv and Astaroth,but wasn't active until January 2004 when the line up was complete. During these years they released two demos,and after that a self released album named "Primal Revelation" in 2006 witch gained good critics in Scream Magazine,Helvete Magazine to name a few.
Besides that they have released a split cd and been on various compilations.
They have played at festivals such as Inferno and Betong amongst others.


During 2010-12 their second album 'Requiem Aeternam Deo was' composed and recorded.
All delivered in a nicely done digipack with lyric sheet included.

The outcome is a mix of well played death metal with some BM influences.
And it's not hard to hear that band has grown since their previous releases,and it seems like they spent more time on the production witch is way better than their earlier works

At first it sounds a bit boring and I kinda hope this changes, and while the second track starts spinning and the very enjoyable opening riff starts I'm starting to get faith in this record after all.
And the way too short second track sets the standard of what's to come.

'Groovylicious dark death metal with some bm influences' is what I
would call this,they have kept the traditional death metal feel to it while adding some thrashy riffs and own ideas to it witch works well,and compared to alot of others who just blast away in a furious tempo Unspoken leaves room for more slow atmospheric guitar parts and some nice guitar work ,I can mention the tracks 'Death Of A Dynasty' and 'Oppression,Pawns And Poisonous Tongues' witch are among the highlights on this record in my opinion. 

Both tracks with a duration of over 6 mins. witch really shows what Unspoken has to offer as musicians,as all instruments comes clearly out in this track.

What I like about album is the tempo changes throughout the whole album witch makes it an album I can listen to without skipping tracks  or get bored.
I have to admit I had to listen to this one a few times before getting totally in to it,but when I did it reveals itself more each time I listen to it and there's no doubt that there's a lot work behind this and they pull off some twisted riffs and for me twisted is good if done right.

The only thing that somewhat ironically irritates me with this album is that the tracks I enjoy the most are the shortest ones and if I decided they should be longer ,but that's just a matter of taste.

This overall a good and hard hitting album,but if I had to point out something it would be that I sit with a feeling that something is missing,maybe because of the short lasting tracks mentioned earlier.
An obscure & dark album with some killer tracks that deserves to be heard,so give it a listen and judge for yourself.
As I said this is an album that needs to be heard several times as it grows for each listen.


Band Contact


Order at : Deathrune Records

                Grimface Distro 

Beginner's Guide to individualism


It's really none of your business ,but here you go!


"A satanist worships the animal instincts while christians claims it to be sins"

If you ask me, the answer is simple I rule my own world I can be Satan or God anyone can, it's the good and evil in people,but nobody is 100% good or evil therefore it equals.

I believe in myself and I am therefore my own God.

The Satanic Bible pretty much says the same,so you could say I agree to several subjects of this but since I don't follow any written books I don't consider myself to be a Satanist.

 I choose to rule my own life or world if you like, instead of writing a book telling others what to do,I live my life to the fullest with my beloved ones!

While speaking of this it has to be said that taking a friendly advice or obtaining knowledge and receiving guidelines in life is not following a book.

Satanist,Heathen,Christian,Islam I don't care about religion,it's for weak people with no human pride left ,but if it helps them I don't mind.
I have my own life ,family & friends and consider myself a lucky person!

According to some religions sexual interaction before marriage is a sin.
I won't go further into those commandments & laws since I guess most of you have heard them several times.

We have a world full of sinners according to the statements referred to above.

I've chosen my path along time ago as I didn't want to be a part of the meaningless society following things considered normal within the societies of leaders,politicians and the likes acting to be without knowledge while creating a a world considered normal by the masses and thus gaining respect from Average Joe witch sadly eats it raw, believing God heals cancer and then sadly die,because their money loving leader told them to put their faith in God.
I knew the person used as an example above.
And it's a pathetic example of how brainwashing organized religion can be!

If one think about life. What makes most sense?
I'm not the one to judge anyone nor waste my time on it, people have their own minds,but at times I wonder if they forget that or how to use it according to the things that say,their actions and behaviour A least not according to their behavior.

That being said, don't let it go to your head, find a decent balance in life and remember to live,laugh,love, forget and move on.
Life is too short to think about what could have been and what could be.

Just by existing in this world you create your own book while living to put it that way.
Be grateful for what you've been given rather than searching for answers you most likely won't find. All lifeforms reveals itself ,also our destiny.
This is something most people aware of all great things life has to offer knows.

I don't open my mouth about soccer,simply because I'm not into it anymore,so why would I try to pretend to know something about a subject just to get accepted? If they have a problem with me not being into soccer they're not really friends.

After reading this you may ask why I wrote this,since following is no good according to what I've written.
I wrote this since I used to and still get a lot  of strange questions from people,like are you a satanist,racist and so on.

The moral of the story is quite simple :

Believe In yourself,
Bow to no one!

Don't be afraid to say your opinions. Read THIS.

Now take a look at the title again.. isn't  it ironic?

If you want more stories,theories and sadistic stories,real life happenings and obscure stuff visit :

                     -Gravarsons Inferno- 

Kataplexy - Promo 2012

Genre : Extreme Metal/Death Metal

Label :


Guitar -  Mike Mayborne
Vocals -  Ken Pannaralla
Bass -     Joel Sandoval
Drums - Matt Getto

This Chicago based band was formed in 2006,they had several live shows and managed to build a name for themselves in the Chicago Metal scene,after some line up changes they are now established and ready to make your ears bleed.  

What I'm listening to here is a 3 track promo witch is filled with brutal death metal at times some grind influences can be heard,but I wouldn't put them in that genre.
These guys plays fast and technical metal with with a mix of growly & screamy vocals.
Luckily there is not much of the screamy as I prefer the the growls.

I have listened to this several times now and the tracks are good and sounds promising,cause this guys know how to handle their instruments and it's very catchy at times. Especially the twisted guitar sound and some of the riffs is pretty cool ,and in general this is an easy record to like since it has all the stuff you could ask for in this genre.

But to state the negative aspects of it,I don't remember one of the tracks after hearing it several times even though I've tried. And if you're not a fan of this genre it can be a bit too much with all the blast beating and ultra fast stuff,I prefer the slower parts.
That being said this is not bad at all,I just sit with the feeling that I've been hit by a train while listening and that I have heard similar to this before.
So the final conclusion is that if you're into brutal death metal with grind core influences it's worth checking out.

Kataplexy FB

Listen to the promo

A Journey To The World Of Gothic Art

Gerdi Olsgaard-

Writing about Gothic art I choose to step away from the first definition  where it was a branch of the medieval art that developed in France out of Romanesque art in the mid 12th century. Join me in this fantastic journey through beauty combined with the bestiality that can be found in this world or worlds beyond ours. Modern Gothic art is about the contrast of the horrible and the beautiful, the monstrous and the angelic. And for many artists also about finding beauty in the darkest places. Where would we be as human beings if we couldn’t find beauty in the smallest things living in a world filled with so much misery. Maybe have you found yourself finding a sense of peace looking at graveyards filled with old thumb stones. What is it that triggers this feeling of peace where one can find silence in the stories of the death of others? Is it the lives that has been lived or the sense of love one share standing together sharing the same loss of a loved one all with different stories of how they connected with that person and grew a bonding.

In this article I’ll start this journey through the different artists that shows a sense of Gothic art in their creations.  I must say that the style of Gothic art is always evolving, and only a decade ago it seemed as something that could only be found fascinating and pretty by a certain type of people. I guess there is a reason that it keeps evolving as more people find some connection with the pictures that can be found. It may be filled with contra dictionaries. But remember so is also our world. I must say that even if its stretched beyond the boundaries by adding fictional characters as angels and demons it contains a certain kind of truth of what stirs in the “human feelings” of ours.

To quote Jasmine Becket Griffith:
Gothic art aims to inspire and intrigue: transporting you to alternate realities, to elegant pasts, and to nihilistic futures. Not to be seen always as simply eye candy, a common undercurrent in most Gothic art relies on deeper meanings, symbolism, social commentary, alternative ideas, mortal reckonings, and cultural explorations. That said, sometimes a hot vampire chick is just a hot vampire chick ,and should be no less enjoyable.

 I guess most of us know about Luis Royo and Victoria Frances, watching their beautiful pictures and how the darkest of creatures both monsters and vampires can seem so gorgeous. Where the vampires promise of eternal life dazzles me and how the shame of something as horrendous as a monster can seem so perfect. I wanted more, but where to look and how to find masterpieces that moves me the same way that the art of Luis Royo and Victoria Frances have.

Hoang Nguyen

Hoang Nguyen is an artist based in California. He was born in August 1966 and moved to the US with his family during the Vietnam war at the age of nine. Hoang started his career as a comic book artist and illustrator, working for Dark Horse Comics. When he does his art he says that he is always out to capture a certain mood or an emotional state, usually someone in deep thoughts or sadness, daydreaming he thinks: “How I can paint all day and travel the world, absorbing all the different cultures, taking pictures and documenting places that I’ve been to?” 

Growing up due the Vietnam war he has enough experience of the worlds cruelty to be able to paint about them, but in these feelings he manages to capture a glimpse of beauty even if it is in someones sorrow over a lost love. Dealing with the horrors of war making pictures with such beauty one can conclude with an eye for small details that tells a story or gives us a conclusion of a melancholic or nostalgic feeling.

He started his career of drawing using chalk drawing small characters on every surface he could find. He eventually studied architecture but as his math failed he got set on illustrations which made more sense to him. That is when he found other ways to express himself through art using oil paint, water color and acrylic. All his money went to buying art supplies and started to paint and slowly build up his portfolio. After seeing Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejos work he decided that his career to pursue was a career as a cover artist.


Artist commentary: I wanted to portray a girl caught in a moment, lost in time. I wanted to capture her essence,pain sadness,elegance and beauty. I decided to incorporate imagery from the world war II era and tattoos. Using Adobe Photoshop I was going to draw a serpent or a dragon for tattoo, but I decided to create something non distinctive, hoping to represent various past memories in an interesting way.

Eternal sorrow

artist commentary: I started out using Tria markers, then transferred the drawing into Adobe Photoshop and proceeded to paint over it. The piece is about lost love and what could have been, or love that was never meant to be. It is based on a poem I wrote in Kanji. Translated it reads.

Love awaits on the edge of eternity
reaching far, forgotten and long lost
in the distance, beckoning
come away, away
for there love waits
yearning, yearning...

For inquiries,questions,subjects or articles contact :

Gerdi Olsgaard aka Frøya Montezino

Frosthelm - The Northwinds Rend Flesh EP

Self-Released 2012

Tracklist :

1.The Northwinds Rend Flesh
4.Reaping The Seeds Of Corruption
4.Damage Over Time

Hailing from the frostbitten plains of North Dakota, Frosthelm has contrived a vile brew of Blackened plague-infused thrash, abundant with punishingly memorable thrash riffs filled with tinges of black metal savageryoffering something unique and inspiring to the new school arena of extreme music.

Formed in 2009, Frosthelm has thus far released a demo, and with much acclaim, have been steadily gaining momentum in local metal scenes. An appearance in TERRORIZER magazine's September issue of their compilation series entitled "Fear Candy" features a song off of their new EP entitled "The Northwinds rend flesh." They plan to continue writing a full length record, play shows, and infect the masses one by one, until all are under the banner of the almighty Frosthelm

Frosthelm is a new name to me and I'm not sure what to expect,another crappy release to be forgotten soon?
Actually no! This sounds brilliant already at first spin,and I've listened to it about 10 times now and I'm still not bored.

They play a wonderful mix of death/black metal witch at times reminds me of Dissection, especially some the guitar riffs,but don't despair,these guys do not enter in the trap and become boring clones.

Rather they use some of the best elements from old black/death ,especially swedish as far as I can hear and blend it with "modern" metal.
You might say that this has been done several times before.
Listen to the "Goblindriver" and you'll hear what I mean.

Well,then I say fuck you 'cause this is a great release with very good and memorable riffs and deserves to be heard.
It has the aggression and intensity from thrash,the brilliant death metal feel combined with some darker elements and if this is what we can expect on their full lenght the future of this band looks brilliant.

The 3'rd track "Reaping The Seeds Of Corruption" starts of with a riff sounding like it was originally supposed to be on an Immortal release during the "Sons Of Nothern Darkness" era. But besides that no obvious similarities,but who hasn't some similarities these days anyway.

A great EP for fans of brutal melodic black/death with thrash influences.
I look forward to hearing the full lenght from these guys,are they certainly deliver on this release!


Digital Download

Contact for promos and press inquiries.

Heading towards the future..

Things will change a bit from now on. We will head for new directions,first of all there will be more interviews with bands and all types of artists since we're now starting to get more organized as a staff and therefore more time and effort into the mag. There will of course still be reviews ,but as said we'll concentrate more on artists/persons with strong opinions ,without revealing too much right mow,my co-worker has more time and has gone more into what Skullfukker is all about,thus it's easier for me to focus on other things.
And the staff has been dealing with own personal issues & changes in private life the previous months.
We will improve the mag gradually you'll see more articles/portraits in the future as I did not start this just to listen & write about new music all day.
We won't tell you that much more really except that there will be change in the near future.
If you can't handle people with different or more extreme opinions for instance Scullfucker is nothing for you!

2012 has gone by in a blast but I feel things are more established now,so as we enter 2013 we will work harder,keep you updated and cover more bands,as well as more live interview,since doing all through mail can be a bit stiff as you probably know. It takes a while to achieve what you aim for,but I feel this year has been constructive/productive & messy as fuck ,we don't learn from mistakes,we just change things. (or maybe I should say "I" instead of "we".. Since this extra announcement is Gravarsons own little ego-trip and nothing else.
To sum it up short,I will aim higher to reach my goals and not settle with anything better than the best possible!


The SF Family

Frøya Montezino

XII Boar - Split Tongue/Cloven Hoof EP 2012 & Demo 2011

Gun Shy Assassin Premiers New DESOLATE SHRINE Track has posted an exclusive premier of "Chalice of Flesh and Bone" from
The Sanctum of Human Darkness, the forthcoming album from Finnish destructive death metal outfit DESOLATE SHRINE.

The track is currently streaming at this location and is available for pre-order at with a release date set for December 15th.

For more on DESOLATE SHRINE visit their official facebook page


Over a year and a half after decimating ear drums with the sounds from their debut album Tenebrous Towers, Desolate Shrine returns with their highly anticipated and very dark sophomore release. The Sanctum of Human Darkness is nearly 55 minutes of dark, misanthropic death metal which is a reminder why Finland remains home to some of the nastiest death metal today. Aesthetics once again handled by the band's own L.L..

L.L. - All Instruments 
M.L. - Vocals 
R.S. - Vocals 

Dark Descent Records has just launched its official Bandcamp page, which features streaming copies of more than twenty of underground death metal's finest releases.

Visit to stream albums from Uncanny, Father Befouled, Binah, Coffin Texts, Anhedonist and many more. 
All titles streaming are available for purchase at:

Narbeleth - Diabolus Incarnatus

Narbeleth is a solo project by Dakkar. The first demo, "Dark Primitive Cult" was recorded in eraly 2009 and released in tape by Intifernal Records, frmo Bolivia, in a limited edition of 333 copies. In early 2011 Dakkar finished the first album under the title of "Diabolus Incarnatus", which will be released in tape by Serpent´s Eye Records, in a limited edition of 150 copies. "Dark Primitive Cult" will be re-released in a deluxe edition of 200 copies in a DVD box with 8 pages booklet, poster and button, by "The Crepuscule du Soir Productions", from France.
Narbeleth has performed live 4 times to the date, two of them at the first and 2nd editions of 6.6.6 Fest in Havana.

Narbeleth is a new experience for me as I've never heard of 'em before.
What you get here is raw,harsh and primitive black metal played the in the old school tradition.
That being said they have done a cover of Darkthrone's "The Hordes Of Nebulah".
And as I listen it reveals some pretty good melodies as well.

This is one of the first Cuban metal bands I've heard as far as I remember,and the first impression is good actually and their debut album is a quite solid one.

My favourite track on this album has to be "Walk Unholy Paths"
witch are a good track and shows what this band is capable of at their best in my opinion..

Personally I prefer "Hail Black Metal" their latest 3 track EP.
The tracks are faster and more hard hitting in general and gives a much better overall impression of the band! But then again it's a matter of taste.

I would advice you to give the album and ep a listen, as they are both good releases if you like traditional raw black metal,but as said above the "Hail Black Metal!" get the highest score from me simply 'cause it's a step forward musically.

Well worth checkin' out! 

Narbeleth Facebook

SKELETAL REMAINS' Beyond the Flesh Out Now

Beyond the Flesh, the debut fill-length from California death metallers SKELETAL REMAINS is out now on FDA Rekotz (UK release is December 3rd) in CD, digital, and vinyl LP formats.

The LP comes in a glossy gatefold jacket and includes a bonus track cover of GORGUTS' "Disincarnated." As one would expect from an FDA Rekotz release,
Beyond the Flesh is classic Death Metal from the rotten crypt and awakens the spirit of the late 80s/ early 90s Morrisound crush. If you like the early hymns of GORGUTS, PESTILENCE, DEATH, and MORGOTH surely you'll freak out over SKELETAL REMAINS! Beyond The Flesh
will launch you right back to that storied era and leave you breathless.

Selections from the album and ordering info can be found at

"Beyond the Flesh is a study in fusion of early European death metal (think Rotting Ways to Misery and Indecent and Obscene) mixed with Death, Possessed, Bolt Thrower,  and a good measure of the more extreme thrash bands like Slayer, and Pestilence."
- [4.5/5]

"Death metal can be a passionate business musically, it is very intricate whilst being true to the its nature of the beast, Skeletal Remains harness a genuine talent for writing songs that go places, that have musically variety without losing their soul, and most importantly of all, the feeling you get with 'Beyond The Flesh' is a very rewarding one."
- [9.5/10]

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Dehumanized Releases new album! Premiers Brand New DEHUMANIZED Track

New York vets DEHUMANIZED and Comatose Music have teamed up with for an exclusive premier of the song "Root of Evil" off the band's long-awaited return to action, Controlled Elite.

The song, which features a guitar solo from SUFFOCATION's Terrance Hobbs, is now streaming at this location.

Controlled Elite is set for a November 27th release date and pre-orders for are now being taken at

The history of
DEHUMANIZED dates back to the mid-90s, an era that saw the rise of several legendary New York death metal acts, not the least of which included SUFFOCATION, INTERNAL BLEEDING, and PYREXIA. In 1998 DEHUMANIZED released their debut album Prophecies Foretold. The album was a savage crash course into the classic style of New York slam death metal. As a result of this impressive release they are now considered by many as one of the bands who helped define and shape the undeniable sound and feel of New York death metal. After reforming last year, DEHUMANIZED inked a multi-album contract with Comatose Music and have since been bulldozing their way back onto the US death metal scene. Controlled Elite was recorded at Full Force Studio in Long Island, NY and engineered by Joe Cincotta.

1. Bloodties
2. Body Colonizers
3. Soiled
4. Set in Stone
5. Controlled Elite
6. Immorally Reborn
7. His Burden
8. Root of Evil
9. None Shall Remain
10. Man vs. Man
11. Condemned (bonus track)

Digital promos for Controlled Elite are available for review, interview and airplay consideration. Contact for inquiries.

Skrog's debut out now read more here.

SKROG Unleashes The Global Elite Today
The Global Elite, the debut album from Minneapolis industrial metal war machine SKROG, is now available on CD format. The album can be purchased at and is also available as a digital download at

Check out this interview with SKROG mastermind Jay Reiter on Tragedy Axe.

SKROG is the work of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/composer Jay Reiter and The Global Elite is an explosive, damning account of the current state of American politics and policies. Sonically speaking, SKROG draws influence from bands spanning a wide musical spectrum of dark music - from the dance/techno styles of LORD OF ACID, SKINNY PUPPY, and FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY all the way to SLAYER, MINISTRY, CHIMAIRA, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, and CANNIBAL CORPSE. Indeed, elements of black metal, death metal, doom, and thrash can all be heard in one form or another on The Global Elite.  In SKROG Reiter has developed a means of pushing industrial metal into a more modern and aggressive form of music.
SKROG recently posted a video for "Dark Metamorphosis" at this location

Please get in touch at for press inquiries.

Track Commentary on The Global Elite from Jay Reiter

"The album starts out with 'The Revelation', a song which draws parallels between the current global state of affairs and the last book of the Bible. The second track, 'MK-Ultra,' is a song about the declassified CIA operation that involved dosing unaware U.S. citizens with illegal mind altering drugs. Military Industrial Complex uses samples from Eisenhower's farewell address and JFK's 'Monolithic' speech to paint a grim picture of an unheeded warning against current military expansion. The fourth track, 'Submit,' is a fast paced declaration of resistance against the Global Elite.' End of the World (As You Know It),' the album's fifth track, is a prediction of the end of peace in America and the start of global nuclear war. The album takes a turn at the sixth track into political doom and gloom; 'Dark Metamorphosis' poses a more surreal apocalypse - the rise of the undead. 'The Hunter' and 'The Hunted' comprise a two-part concept; the former an instrumental that takes the listener through a soundscape of the synthetic and the acoustic, the latter being a fast paced thrash song about the lives of the elite through their own eyes."   


Nidingr (Nor) - Greates Of Deceivers

Nidingr is back with their 3rd full-lenght and I've had big exceptations for this album since I've enjoyed the band since I heard their first full lenght that blew me away!

"Wolf-Father" somewhat disappointed me for some reason as I felt there was something missing.
Not that it was bad but I wanted more of that genuine sound they had on their first.
And when I listen to this all I manage to think is finally!
Cause they have done exactly what I was hoping for witch is combining the best elements from both of the previous albums.
And I get same feeling as when I heard "Sorrow & Infinite Darkness.. "

They leave room for some more atmospheric parts handled by Telochs insanely good riffs and actually clean vocals not all the way but rather as a small uplifting thing that works just great ,but still they manage to keep the brutality thanks to the rest of the bands amazing job on this killer release!
I've never had any doubts about Nidingr,but to be honest with "Greatest Of Decievers" they have done it all and are "back on track" in my ears.
The musicianship,the atmosphere & again the brilliant guitars blended with the sick vocals & tempo they are known for this could not go wrong,not one second!

It's delightful to hear that the musicians and brain behind this band has grown musically together as a band, that being said I don't understand why such  great band like this don't get more attention.
Just as I thought the "metal year anno 2012" was over this album just blows me away in every sense.
I have nothing more to say,but to bow down and thank Nidingr for their overall best release so far here!
Pure quality all the way,and if you wonder what Nidingr is about then go to your local dealer and demand it!
If you like this band from before you'll worship 'em now.

“Greatest of Deceivers” is out on November 16th in Norway and on November 20th in Europe/US, via Indie Recordings.

Release Party will follow on November 15. in Oslo for more info check their facebook page/event.

Highly Recommended!!

Blodtokt (Nor) - Eg Vil Tilbake Til Mennesket 2012

These guys play a mix of metal,rock & punk.
The music varies between mid-tempo and fast and quite melodic tracks.
The major thing that separates Blodtokt from other metal bands is their vocals witch has a somewhat powerful theatrical feel to it and you can actually hear what they sing on some tracks and it's like they are "shouting" the words the way norwegians did it many years ago.

And it's the first time I've experienced these types of vocals in metal.
Most of the tracks are quite melodical folk inspired tones with simple but good riffs while some are more fast forward with a more metal feeling.
It has to be said that they have their own thing here.
They also use some synths in the background witch suits nicely into the soundscape.
"Eg Vil Tilbake Til Mennesket" is a quite good debut album,the only negative aspect I can come up with to be picky is the vocals that can become somewhat monotone at times.

I think with some progression this could be something more.. There are some good ideas here witch hopefully will be developed.
I would like to hear this band with an even more powerful sound and more edge to it. Besides that "Eg Vil tilbake Fra Mennesket" has potential and time will tell us where they're headed.
Worth checking out if you're into folk/pagan inspired metal.

The CD is still available I think so if interested contact the band for more info.

Blodtokt on : Facebook