Incantation - Profane Nexus - Review

Incantation has been around for many years and featured in Skullfukker, I have no releationship whatsoever with them though, as I sit on my iMAC this is good music to listen to,not bad at all.
Technical at times boring death metal is what you get, it's so polished and predictable. Oslo Gospel Choir would almost be better, only almost fool..
I'm sure incantantion fans willl love this album as it's well done,but thrythfully I find it boring,yeah..That's the word.. .
...And honestly the album is quite groovy and good, but I've had non-stop metal on my ears now, actually some good releases this time, but it's always better to buy and listen to own albums,but who am I to complain. I've choosen this or I can quit now, so ( shut up ) ed !

incantation-profane-nexus-2017-700x700.jpg Recorded at the band's own Incantation Studios in Johnstown, PA and mixed/mastered by Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Asphyx, Dark Funeral), Profane Nexus is perhaps the finest example of pummeling death metal and disemboweling funeral doom ever conceived.

As expected, INCANTATION have taken steps to ensure that the musical malevolence contained within 'Profane Nexus' is matched by its visual depravity. To achieve this, they've enlisted the talents of Israeli artistic maestro, Eliran Kantor. The cover art, aptly-titled 'Draping The Tar Monster', was birthed following the ingestion of the album's lyrical themes, as Eliran recently revealed to And Justice For Art...

Profane Nexus drops August 11th on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records. pre-order

1. Muse
2. Rites Of The Locust
3. Visceral Hexahedron
4. The Horns Of Gefrin
5. Incorporeal Despair
6. Xipe Totec
7. Lus Sepulcri
8. Stormgate Convulsions From The Thunderous Shores Of Infernal Realms Beyond The Grace Of God
9. Messiah Nostrum
10. Omens To The Altar Of Onyx
11. Ancients Arise  

John McEntee - Guitar, Vocals
Sonny Lombardozzi- Lead Guitar
Chuck Sherwood - Bass
Kyle Severn - Drums

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Daemonheim - Widerwelt - Review

 Naturmacht Productions  
 RELEASE 27 April 2018

Release date 27.april.2018
German black metal act Daemonheim returns with the long awaited successor of "Tidian".
"Widerwelt" (freely translated "cruel, deadly world") is a concept album about decay and death (and some heartache).
It is emotional, furious, dark and the most powerful and atmospheric album ever made by the duo.
It's quite easy to hear what the german vocals are even though they are kinda screamy it's all put nicely together in an atmospheric wall of sound. This sounds quite good in one moment, then I don't know what to think in next.I love the german vocals and at times reminds of Absurd's vocals which I love, yeah I''m a fan of Absurd and loads of other stuff I don't even know,if that's a problem in some way,I just say the usual fuck you, I do'nt even want complaints 'cause you don't know jack shit about me!.. 
Try calling God instead maybe he's finished punishing me?..
Hmm, I have one more thing to sum this album up in a few words, where are the ladies,where are the xtc, when is it time to fuck? Shut up filthy whore,suck me dry :D
A good starter album if you have plans for the evening, I know what I want to do ,but I'm not repeating myself! Bring me the XTC & whores ,I'm the ruler here now,bow to me and don't you dare stop before you're done . I usually never listen to metal to get out agression or other shit, it's just music,but this made me wanna fight,fuck,chew some love powder release the pressure and be totally kinky. If you have a girl and haven't tried emma in bed you should seriously consider it. You get to one and cross all sexual and other borders and have a real therapautic evening, wait at least a month and possibly even more before you do it and stop for years,use it wisely haha :D
Do I need to repeat myself? Kinda cool Absurd like vocals but sounds like a woman,some booze and some extacy and you should be alright, don't listen to the crap that people die and so on, that's people who abuse it, like poeple abuse alkohol. Have fun while your young,cause it's over pretty fast and rethink the word eternal while you say I have eternal life whatthe fuck happens now? You just figured THAT out now? A bit boring yeah, forever is boring, but luckily we don't remember it all, we just live on & on & on & on...... Todays lesson,I don't mind your opinion... I know.....The whole album works as a piece of music, maybe background music at times. All in all a pretty good album, and I love the vocals as said.


Sanhedrin - A Funeral For The World - Review

Traditional heavy/doom with a female on the vocals, first track wasnt too impressive, the title track "A Funeral For The World" is a killer track and an istant masterpiece, dark & gloomy lyrics and music,nothing new under the sun but this rocks my body even though I "refused" to do more tonight, but shit has changed. The guitra solos was honestly more annoying than entertaining so luckily not too much of those!

Overall it's pretty descent female fronted metal that runs through my ears and thanks to her voice which saves alot,  another track wherer her vocal performance really hits me is the track "No Religion" which is an excellent demonstration of what magic this band creates when they're not too focused with the tecnical and let emotions run hard. The riff in this track is so fuckin doomy and heavy that it scares fainth souls away, 'cause this is about using silver spoons to cock some unhealthy things, and that's when you have lost alll fate, everybody knew it but you..

The last and 9th track is a pretty good one and fast forward heavy metal track with calm guitars and the track Die Tryin' really sets on fire an convince me that this actually is a very solid heavy metal album with doom influences, like from 70-80s but this band surely knows how to make lightening through the night and the tracks "A Funeral For The World" No Religion" & Die trying is alone worth buying this album,3 very strong tracks, and I'm tempted to say pearls. and I'm sure more of the album will reveal eventually....
Tracks to Mention : A Funeral For The World
                                 No Religion
                                 Die Tryin'

Secrets Of My Kingdom - Return To Dimensions Unknown BY MORTIIS

Secrets Of My Kingdom: Return To Dimensions Unknown (Cult Never Dies) - BOOK BY MORTIIS  
LABEL Cult Never Dies RELEASE 9 March 2018

 I have heard about this book since the early 90's so it should be fun and exciting to see what world Mortis can drag us into. I'm doing a book myself and I know it takes a hell of a lotta time to make it interesting,lasting & to always build a world to "keep" the reader and not loose him with boredom, so all my respect to MORTIIS for finally publishing this book, as I know it's a big & long process. I ,myselg think of a collection of short stories, nuff about me though, The Secrets Of My Kingdom will hopefully be reviewed by me and my fantastic co-worker IVO_GOYENS. I think that would be cool so one can get two peoples perceptions,fantasy and opinions on the long awaited book.
I can't tell if this will happen, but one of us will definately review it, but hey it's a book and I found out about it today and I'm not that guy who read a book in like 2-3 hours, I like to take my time and really dive into the whole shit. SO stay tuned for more and also music by Mortiis...


UK based publisher CULT NEVER DIES recently released the expanded edition of ‘Secrets Of My Kingdom’, the book originally written by Norwegian visionary artist MORTIIS and published in a highly limited form in 2001.

Once I got over my personal hang-ups about the Era 1 material, and started reissuing portions of it, I felt that the time was right to start work on a reissue of the ‘Secrets Of My Kingdom’ book. Cult Never Dies had approached me about a reissue a couple of years ago I believe, but I wasn’t quite ready at the time”, recalls the godfather of dungeon synth.

I had a couple of offers from labels/publishers to do this. At first I stalled with everyone, because I wasn’t really ready personally, to dig into this. When I finally came around, and figured the time was right, I chose Dayal & Cult Never Dies for a few reasons. Mainly because he already had a few books out that focused around the same scene (more or less) that I ‘belonged’ to back in the early to mid 90’s, so that made sense both in terms of his experience in publishing books and also the Cult Never Dies ‘clout’, which I appreciated. I also liked that Cult Never Dies is based in the UK which was a good market for me at one point, and still is. Of course the fact that Dayal also works as a journalist helps, but of course these are based on the way my cynical marketing and business brain works”, enthuses MORTIIS.

A collection of writings accompanied by illustrations from a number of talents, this immersive work significantly fleshed out the universe MORTIIS had drawn upon in his early releases and today changes hands for hundreds of dollars.

It was a pretty easy process dealing with Cult Never Dies, as we pretty want the same thing with this, which is to retain the spirit of the original release, but update it/add to it where needed, and really just get it out there to everyone that weren´t around the first time, weren´t able to buy it back then, and for all the people that don’t want to dish out € 200 for an original copy today. When I reached out to guys like Juha Vuorma and Mark Riddick, it couldn´t have been easier. Those guys are very easy to deal with, and Mark even dug up a couple of pieces from back in the 90´ies that hadn´t been used, and he made a couple of new ones too, that fit in perfectly with the concept”.

Now considerably expanded, ‘Secrets Of My Kingdom; Return To Dimensions Unknown’ sees this utterly unique work made available once more, this time with previously unseen illustrations and text. The new cover artwork have been made by David Thiérrée, an amazing artist able to create symbolism and subtle hints.

We’ve collected additional artwork from one of original artists Mark Riddick, and new front cover artwork, inspired by the themes of the book, by David Thiérrée, whom I also collaborated with for the reissue of my first 3 albums. He recreated the artwork all of those with great success. There is a long in-depth interview where I discuss and dissect those days of old when the book was being written originally. There will be a special box set version of the book, that will also include, among other cool things, reproduced prints of selected artwork, some of which were originally made in color, and we’re reproducing them in color for the special edition. Until now they were only printed in black and white”.

Meanwhile extensive interviews with MORTIIS himself explain the genesis and evolution of the MORTIIS concept. Elsewhere the immense impact upon the ‘dungeon synth’ movement – a genre that is curiously at the height of its popularity today – is also examined in detail.

The book has been released by Cult Never Dies publishing, who have already issued a number of acclaimed titles on black / underground metal and art, including Black Metal: Into The Abyss, Ultra-Damaged (by ex-Mayhem vocalist Maniac) and the recent Doom Metal Lexicanum.

Order the book now:''''''''

Acheron (US) The Rites Of Black Mass- Words & full album listen.


Good ol' ACHERON are back with their satanic praise and do we like it?
ACHERON was founded in 1988 by vocalist/bassist/songwriter Vincent Crowley (formerly of Nocturnus). After three demos they recorded their cult debut album ‘Rites of the Black Mass’ in 1992 at Morrisound Studios with Scott Burns (Death, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse etc). This debut album re-issue is completely remastered by Tom Palms (Phlebotomized). Artwork and booklet are entirely restored, the booklet contains extensive liner notes  / intie by Wannes Gubbels from Pentacle  / ex Asphyx / ex Soulburn with bandleader Vincent Crowley. The 2 track promo 1990 is added as bonus.

Acheron is a band I remember from the early days but for some reason I never really checked them out back in the early days. I was like 13-14 and didn't have money to buy EVERY-thing either.It was a buch of good releases back in 88-94 especially.
I sligthly remember a 7" or a tape I had with them and that was dark satanic death/black metal, if it was official I've no idea about.

So here we are over 20 years later listening to the Church Of Satan diciples spawning straight from hell to show you what occult and dark music really is all about, it's not about being most brutal or who screams the most, it's about the atmosphere and the picture they paint to the listener as a whole, at least it is for me.

Acheron has a very calm and melodicfeel to to it still with a brutal approach at times with religious breaks containing harmonic organ that makes the horned one raise up right behind you and it's like being drawn into a Church Of Satan ritual in a good way, and it's good that some stick to their roots & traditions and not like everyone else who converts to vikings/heathens/punkers etc along the way and stick to the true old fashioned black metal with satanic-dark and occult lyrics.

The vocals are dark and powerful that you might think sound more like death metal, and maybe that's the case, but before it used to be the lyrics which decided if it was black or death metal, so you can take a guess what ACHERON with their powerful satanic message and back to the roots BLACK metal, yes! as long as the lyrics deal with Satanism it's black metal. Alot of bands use satanic lyrics to sell or other reasons but ACHERON has always been the real deal, I went through some old fanzines from 91-92 and I'm pretty sure I remember they representeted COS ,and pretty sure they still do 'cause this is the real deal and that clearly reflects in the music, they create that dark feeling I used to get as a 13-14 year old and was the reason I was drawn into the darker and more satanic side of metal.
When I listen to it, it's like I regret not buying this when it first arrived 'cause I know I would have loved it even more , but still .. This is a epic piece of blachistory and should definately be checked out no matter if you're a black or death metaler or whatever . I think this timeless classic will please many and maybe young bands will learn that it's not all about the blasts.

If someone would ask me about an album that uses synth/organ and does it wisely without sounding cheesy, The Rites Of The Black Mass is the album which is a perfect example of just that. If you think that's cheesy.. Well,fuck you then, you need a mouthwash 'cause you stink.. Yeah,cheese doodles & grandma sauce a ha ha ha haaa, funny ay?...

Humanity's End - Between Life & Death - Review & Full album listen

Humanity's End started recording in 2017 simply to create good music , which in this case is death metal.
They ended up with a 5 track album/ep 'Between Life & Death' which has already been praised
in the Scullfucker camp.

It was a totaly DIY project and was released 01-01-18 if I'm correct.
The result is actually very good technical death metal played moslty mid-paced tempo with sudden changes.
Groovy death metal with cool riffs and a laidback, lurking atmosphere as gar as that is possible within death metal, more or less impossible not to bang my head to this one and the guitar solos are so lovely old schoolish it almost make me smile, just almost... I never smile.
An excellent dish of stenching & rotting death metal is what you get here, enjoy it while it's still cold.

Support Humanity's End by visiting their bandcamp page , fb page or whatever, I think band that have that extra will to do it all by themselves deserves some recognition and support, and Gravarson totally support this fine act do you?...

All 5 track available for listen below or visit their bandpage for more info, this is their debut and their are currently writing new material and we look forward.

Morgengrau - Blood Oracle - Review

morgengrau cover.jpgLABELUnspeakable Axe Records RELEASE22 June 2018

From Texas comes Morgengrau with their new album Blood Oracle and what first strikes me is raw and traditional yet atmospheric death metal. 
Luckily it´s not about blastbeats all the way, Morgengrau has rather focused on creating a traditional atmospheric sound that fans of Asphyx,Deicide,Pestilence, Celtic Frost and the likes will surely like.
I have to admit that even after the first track Im reallt enjoying this as it's not the typical brutal in your face metal, more like Obituary with their slow and groovy riffs but at the same time a rawness to it all few bands manage to capture this good.
"Blood Oracle is a suberb death metal album, a fist in the face of humanity and leave no room for any dead meat."
I could go on and praise Blood Oracle, but I suggest you have your mind set to June ,when this fucker is about to be releasesd.

MORGENGRAU's self-released debut. Blood Oracle is set to release on June 22, 2018 from Unspeakable Axe Records, on CD and digital platforms.