Skygge - Heksekunst Demo 2012

Skygge "Heksekunst" Demo 2012

Tracks "Nattens Juvel,Heksekunst, Knokkelkraft"

Skygge is a new band hailing from Bergen/Norway breathed to life by Skyggemester (Vithr) handling all the instruments while Daudblodr (Gandreid) do the vocals.
They play what I would call straight forward black metal with some melodical influences. That beeing said they manage to create some top notch black metal with very good melodies without the use of synth!
The production is overall very good and creates a dark but beautiful athmosphere along with the music.

While listening to this it's like I'm going into another world or something , kinda like Throne Of Katharsis also manage to do.
I'm also quite impressed by the guitar work here and especially the slower parts makes more edge to the tracks. If they had kept the the tempo up all the way it could easily become boring,but he surely knows what he's doing so nothing is left to chance here.
Daudblodr has done a good job on this one,sick vocals that fits the music very well.

This band certainly proves that there is still possible find excellent black metal anno 2012.
And even though the main man behind this also plays in Vithr there is no similarities.
I can't predict the future, but it's clearly Skygge has a great future ahead!


Click the link below to listen :

Skygge Bergen

Skygge will release their debut album entitled 'Knokkelkraft' through Naturmacht Porductions 6.December 2012

Hellish Outcast - Your God Will Bleed - Promo 2012

Transcend Music Release: 1 April 2012

The Norwegian thrash/death band Hellish outcast hailing from Bergen/Norway who started up in 2001 has now delivered their long-awaited debut "Your God Will Bleed".
After releasing the EP "Raping - Killing - Murder witch was a taste of what we could expect in the future.
On "Your Good Will Bleed" they recruited Thebon (Keep Of Kalessin) who joined the band on vocals in 2010.
I have to say that already on the opening track "The View So Disgusting" I can already feel that they lived up to the expectations I've had since the EP.
What they deliver on this new opus is very brutal & massive metal, at times epic melodies.
Lyrically they follow in the veins of "Raping - Killing - Murder" in other words modern warfare,politics,religious hypocrites.
They get a lot of credits from me for the way they combine the brutal energy witch surrounds the whole album with a bit more melodic parts without exaggerating it.
They don't save any gunpowder here,thats's for sure!
Brilliant tunes or instant classics if you like comes regularly out of my stereo all the way as the record is spinning and I find it hard to not tap my feet & bang my head.
It's extremely cathy tunes and a very intense drive throughout the whole album that makes me want to hear more & more.
Tracks to mention are "Genocide" & "Ten Times Stronger" witch is a good example of what these guys is capable of at their best!
"Your God Will Bleed" is one of those albums that reminds me why I bother to review albums.
A masterpiece definitely worth to checking out and buy! You won't regret it!

   "Musically, we've stayed true to our nature - always trying to push the limits of what is healthy aggression. To combine pure Norwegian brutality with the fine British steel of Transcend Music is a venture we've been looking forward to!" says drummer Mads, aka 'Alkolust'.
"...Your ears will bleed" promises vocalist and frontman Thebon...

..."and If it's too heavy for ya" concludes Alkolust, "fuck off!!"

Thebon - vocals (Keep of Kalessin) | Alkolust - drums (BYFROST) | Max Morbid - bass (BREED) | Martin Legreid - guitars (66 Crusher)

Official sites :


Mabuse - ´Stench Of Death´ Demo2012

Press here to download or stream

Stench of Death-tape:
1. Crushing Death Strike
2. Dr. Mabuse
3. Dentist Death

Recorded and mixed in January 2012 by Andreas Hagen in The Mindmade Moonlit Passage

Pre-order the demo from jbe1988 at gmail dot com (leave full name/adress/etc). Oslo residents can pick it up personally from Jonas from around February 25th.
Price: 30 NOK / 4 EURO (+ shipping costs).
released 31 January 2012
Jonas - Rhythm/lead guitar, bass & vocals
Andreas - Drums, lead guitar & vocals
Support the band & buy if you like!

A good demo well worth buying considering these guys actually printed it on tape,the sound quality is overall good & fits the music witch is death/thrash the old school way. I like the raw atmosphere of this demo.
The vocals are not the standard growling/screaming of today,but reminds more about early death/trash/speed bands.
It' nothing new here really but if you're looking for good music look no further!!..

Everos - Descensus Ad Inferos

Erevos (Greece) ¨Descensus Ad Inferos¨

Produced By Dan Swano in Unisound Studios 2011

The Greek black metalers Everos formed in 2004 have now delivered their debut album after some demos & ep's.
First of all I have to give them credits for a nice cover!
As it starts spinning the melodies builds up sotly towards a more aggresive touch. When I listen further I notice they have some thrashy guitar riffs at times luckily or else it would be boring pretty soon since the synth dominates most tracks..
They create a mystical dark athmospere when it comes to the use of synth ,whitch is used alot here,and there is no doubt that synth is one of the main instruments here. Reminds at times very much about early Cradle Of Filth,Rotting Christ...
It's kinda weird how some of the tracks change from synth based metal to more ¨brutal¨ thrash at moments & suddenly I'm in for some growling insted of the high pitched vocals.
¨Descensus Ad Inferos¨ sureley has it's moments. The sound is very good & the album overall is well produced.
If you like melodic black metal you should check it out.
Everos has have played with Mayhem,Satyricon, Gehenna,Necrodeath,Archon Infaustus, and many more, plus a tour in France and live shows abroad. Now the band is preparing for live shows in Greece and abroad, for the promotion of their album.

Tracks to mention here are ´Kerveros¨ & ´Grotesque Blasphemy (Slaughter Pt. 1)´

---------> Take a listen here!

Official Homepage

Nocturnal Torment

Nocturnal Torment (US) ¨They Come At Night¨

Relesed on Dethgasm Records Feb.09 2012

Style : oldschool death metal

This is one of those releases I enjoy from the second it start spinning.
Nocturnal Torment started up in '88 but went in various directions to concentrate on other projects.

Luckily they returned again with one hell of an album and nothing is left to chance here! These guys surely know how to create dark death metal with simple but genious riffs,also there is a lot of thrash influences here. Picture yourself listening to one of you favoutite underground death/thrash metal bands in late 80's or early 90's.
This is the feeling I get when listening to this masterpiece.
The vocals are dark but not too growly & fits the music perefct.
What I also like about this record is that they've managed to keep the "dirty" sound throughout the whole album so it doesent sound as overproduced as many of todays DM bands.
This is ugly raw in your face death metal the way it should be.

I don't usually roll the dice,but if I did it would be a strong 6(66)

Highly recommended!

Tracklist :

1.Vile Affliction
2.Alternative Reality
3.Cycle of Life
4.Fresh Flesh Fetish
6.Sweet Decay
7.Forever Eternal Darkness
8.They Come at Night
9.Primordial Existence

22 Track Free Sampler From Listenable Records!

Listenable Records Offering Free 22-Track Sampler

Listenable Records is offering fans a free 22-track sampler, which is now available for streaming and download at The album, which features tracks from many Listenable's dynamic and diverse roster of artists - past and present - includes Gojira, Svart Crown, Sarah Jezebel Deva, 77, Hate, Serpent Cult and many more. Full sampler tracklisting below:

"Hate Worldwide" taken from the album "Amsterdamn Hellsinki"
"Yama's Messengers" taken from the album "The Way of All Flesh"
"Duat" taken from the album " "The Shadows Compendium"
"The World Won't Hold Your Hand" taken from the album "The Corruption of Mercy"
"Martyrs" taken from the album "Breathe in Life"
"Phoenix On Fire" taken from the album "Heads Will Roll"
"Into A Demential Sea" taken from the album "Witnessing the Fall"
08- HATE
"Lux Aeterna" taken from the album "Erebos"
"Once A Burden" taken from the album "Abyss Masterpiece"
"Deathstrip" taken from the album "Code of Consequences"
"Villains" taken from the album "For Death, Glory and the End of the World"
"Impact" taken from the album "Regiment Ragnarok"
"Come Back from the Dead" taken from the album "Rotten Death"
"Never" taken from the album "The Flesh"
"Death Rattle" taken from the album "Fester And Putrefy"
16- 77
"High Decibels" taken from the album "High Decibels"
"Convicted ( Live )" taken from the live cd /dvd "Layers of Live"
"The Flesh of All Damned" taken from the album "Signs of Decay"
"OIC" taken from the album "III"
"The Seeds of Annihilation" taken from the album "The Avarice of Man"
"Word" taken from the album "The Flesh"
"Growth of the Soil" taken from the album "Raised by Wolves"

Wykked Wytch

The female fronted Wykked Wytch has just released their 5th studio album four yeras since the last album.
The production on this one is massive & they deliever what I would call melodic mix of thrash/death. The vocals sometimes reminds of death/grindcore as it varies beetween growl/screaming & sometimes clean vocals,but it actually fits the music well.
It's very technical trashy,melodic tunes they deliver on this album.
At times it reminds of Cradle of Filth & Dimmu Borgir's newer stuff not musicwise but more the way they structured the songs and the use of samples,but that beeing said these guys sure have a thing of their own.
They have also covered Metallicas "Fade To Black" ,a weird but descent cover. All in all it's a good release but for me it gets a bit boring after hearing the whole album but if you're into well played technical melodic metal with a movie soundtrack like atmosphere you should ckeck it out.

In additional WYKKED WYTCH news, the band is pleased announce a
recently revamped line lineup.


Ipek-All Vocals
Nate-Lead Guitar
Salvatore-Keys and Samples
Matt-2nd Guitar
Pat-3rd Guitar


WYKKED WYTCH has signed with Goomba Music for the release of their upcoming fifth full-length album, The Ultimate Deception. Coming back strong off 2008's Memories of a Dying Whore - the group's most successful and critically-acclaimed album - The Ultimate Deception continues where the previous album left off and continues to push the boundaries of extreme music as well as the legacy of WYKKED WYTCH.

Led by the demonic vocal assault of frontwoman Ipek, Wykked Wytch is a female-fronted extreme metal band hailing from South Florida. The band blends a unique mixture of black, death, thrash metal with melody, technicality, and aggression to create their own signature sound which has gained them a strong cult following throughout the world.

Regarding the recent signing and forthcoming release, Ipek made the following comments,

"We are very excited and proud to announce that Wykked Wytch has signed with Goomba Music for the release of our fifth full-length album The Ultimate Deception. Over the past two years we worked really hard creating a modern metal masterpiece and with Goomba behind us we will spread the word worldwide. We would also like to thank Mark & the crew at Goomba for this new partnership. It was the right choice for us and glad to know there is an experienced team of industry vets behind the label that respect the integrity of their artists. Look out for the new album The Ultimate Deception out in 2012 with lots of touring to follow!"

The Ultimate Deception marks the addition of lead guitarist / songwriter Nate Poulson to the group. Always determined to break new ground and discover new talent, frontwoman/founder Ipek has teamed with Nate, who composed nine badass tunes that add a whole new dimension and flavor to the band's constantly evolving sound. Taking a modern approach to the group's already established sound, the songs are heavy, technical, and melodic with each one standing on its own. Showcased on this release are vocalist Ipek's true abilities that drive the album.

Not afraid to take chances, Ipek doesn't hold back and has stepped out of her comfort zone; moving from death growls to high pitched screams to operatic, and clean catchy choruses in the course of a single song. The intense and insane vocals are performed by "one" woman, not three different vocalists. Also featured is one of the best drummers in metal today, Kevin Talley (Daath, Six Feet Under, Chimaira) who appears as a session musician compliments the songs with his killer double bass and blast work. The album was recorded in April/May 2011 at Lambesis Studios in San Diego, CA with amazing production from engineer Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying, Winds of Plague), who recorded & mixed. Finishing touches were handled by Alan Douches (The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Black Dahlia Murder), who mastered at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY. Cover Artwork by Marcelo Vasco (Dimmu Borgir, The Faceless). The Ultimate Deception includes 10 tracks with a running time of 47 minutes. 9 original tracks and a cover of Metallica's "Fade To Black".






Nominion - Manifestation Of Death

Nominom released a 7" in December 6th through DEATHGASM RECORDS,

Nominion is a Swedish death metal band witch on this 7" presents two brand new tracks.
Listening to this makes me instantly wanna hear more of this band.
It's well played death metal & even though they're swedish this dosen't sound like the typical swedish death metal bands.
It's mid-tempo & melodic death metal we get here mostly,but this one is not like "Hey look how technical we can play" But rather very good melodies & some outstanding riffs & at times a very nostalgic feeling over it. This definately worth a listen. These 2 tracks on this 7" sounds very promising to what we can expect from these guys in the future.

Their full lenght is currently available on Deathgasm Records
So be sure to check it out!!