Never To Arise - Hacked To Perfection

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Available as Digital & Compact.

Never To Arise is all about death metal that' for sure!
It's dark ,brutal and at times twisted riffs here,
they deliver some good melodies and I especially like the more slower/mid-tempo parts as the plain fast ones can be a bit too much for my taste.
Luckily this album isn't all about ultra fast technical death metal even though it feels that way after first listen,they leave room for some good riffs in most of the tracks and also slower parts.
In my opinion this album is a definition of todays death metal mixed with old school sounding influences.
"Misoginstic Acts Of Barbaric Sadism" is a wonderful
tune,setting the standard for this band!
Worth checkin out if you're into brutal Florida death metal.

Listening & merchandise here : Never To Arise

Munruthel - CREEDamage

I had no expectations about this album whatsoever,as Iv'e never heard of the band before,
but as it I listen to it ,it reveals more each time.
To describe it in a few words is hard cause this album has got it all.
It's pagan inspired metal with a very calm atmosphere to it overall.
They are very good at combining the more epic synth parts with the more faster parts and it works very well.
Many of the tracka are very symphonic and majestic composed it beautiful & brilliant done.
Their use of clean,screamy,female vocals is just excellent blended within the music.
The also use a lot of medieval instruments witch lift it up a bit.
The whole album is overall very varied with calm almost like ambient parts to more heavier parts. and it's done well,sounds like nothing is left to chance here.
Even though this is not what I usually listen to,I fell in love with it a first listen actually.
And they have also done a pretty good cover of Bathory "The Lake"
This is one of this albums you can listen to from start to end without getting bored once.
A beautful album from start to funish.
So lean back and enjoy this masterpiece!


The luckiest among you were recently treated to Epoch of Aquarius, the phenomenal Svarga Music reissue from Ukrainian Pagan/Folk Metallers MUNRUTHEL. Well, you ain't heard nothin' yet! On November 12th the new MUNRUTHEL masterpiece,CREEDamage, will be released on Svarga Music. Performed in the finest traditions of Symphonic Pagan Metal, the new album also features guest vocals from Masha "Scream" (ARKONA) and Wulfstan (FOREFATHER), as well as a cracking cover of BATHORY's "The Lake."

MUNRUTHEL's most mature work to date, the album's musical canvas is decorated not only with the atmospheric dabs inherent in early works of the project's composer, but also with the aggressive riffing first heard on Oriana's Tales and fully revealed on Epoch of Aquarius.CREEDamage will be more interesting to the admirers of a heavy guitar sound that is matched with powerful orchestral arrangements and graceful atmospherics.

The album concept covers topics that have been explored by the composer since MUNRUTHEL's origin in 1995. Specifically, it concerns his boundless love for Mother Nature, as an embodiment of native, natural beliefs and a primordial pagan outlook. The track "Carpathians' Shield" is dedicated to the memory of last known Molphar (traditional sorcerer by birth in Carpathian culture) Mikhail Nechay (24.02.1930 - 14.07.2011), who was killed in the summer of 2011 by a Christian zealot.

CREEDamage will be released in standard jewel-case and limited 6-panel digipak formats.

Lysbryter - Kjetting Og Spiker/Lysbryter II


Black Metal,Norway

I decided to take both releases in one review,so here we go...

Lysbryter has been around in the underground for some years now but is still an unknown name to many. 
Two demos have been released so far "Kjetting Og Spiker" & "Lysbryter II"

This guy is a total maniac both personally & musically,he spends a lot of time in his basement making a very dark & sick form of metal.

Some of the tunes are very slow with chanting/growling vocals,it's impossible for me to not think of old Blasphemy (Can) and Beherith (Fin) when I hear this. He's also managed to create a chaotic/cold soundscape that you don't hear often these days.
Brutal,noisy organized noise is what we get here!
With the second demo "II" he impresses with much better sound quality,production,the vocal are now pitched up a bit,also the tempo. The guitars & melodies are now easier to hear.
This is not bad considering it's a one man project and Noprideinlife Records have now signed him for a full length which was about time since I'm eager to hear what this man is capable of producing in the future! Actually you can order it there now. Just press here
Personally I like both demos,but it's hard to compare them to each other,since it's almost like two different chapters. It's one of those releases you just have to hear for yourselves 'cause it's hard to describe the music. 

Besides this he is also doing the vox for Vithr witch should be known to most of you.

Night Terrain (US) - The American Dream

Self-Released Released 24th July

Night Terrain is a post-metal band based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, featuring a sound
that is equal parts space rock, doom metal and stoner rock. The riffs go from slow, sludgy and
droning to uplifting, manic and even face melting. Night Terrain's mission statement is to make
music that expresses our understanding and experience of the human condition. Our music
should appeal to just about anyone with a shred of humanity while sticking true to its rock and
metal roots.

This album blew me totally away when I got it with it's genious compositions and arrangements this must be one of the most beautiful instrumental albums I've heard in ages.
Night Terrain can be categorized as experimental metal and they certainly know how to do the job flawless.

It's a totally unique album with a very warm athmosphere and delightful guitars served here it's easy to fly into another world while listening to this one,the music is mostly slow guitar based with nice & heavy melodies wrapped with spoken samples and FX to make an outstanding athmosphere and a psychedelic feel to it.

This is a what I would call an easy listening album,it suits for almost every occasion.
I find it hard to believe that this band is not more known than it is for it's brilliant stuff they make!

These guys are not comparable to any other band I've heard,they totally have to own way of making splendid arrangements! The only band that comes to mind when listening to this is Pink Floyd probably cause "The American Dream" have the same big compositions and a warm athmosphere as mentioned above with delightful guitars and a soundscape of their own you slowly drift away while listening to this record as they manage to make an ambient feeling throughout the whole album.

Witch i think should be listened as a concept album.
I'm quite happy and delighted at the same time since it's finally one of thos albums I can easily hear again..and again without getting tired or bored and not have to force myself to listen to it.

Even though there's no vocals on this relese I find no deadlights here, and I'm already eager to hear more from this band!
   If I had to roll the dice here it would land on a strong 6 out of 6 without doubts!
10 tracks of quality music! Nothing more to say really.
So go grab a copy of this or buy it online and support true quality!!

 Copies of American Dream, along with a stream of the title track, are available at

Digital copies of the release are up for grabs at

Stream the entire album here :

Dehuman (Ger) - Black Throne Of All Creation

This band delivers death metal the way it was done back in the 80's reminding a lot of Death & the vocals reminds very much of John Tardy (Obituary)
It's sometimes like a plain copy of early Florida death metal bands with the structure and guitar riffs.

But despite the things mentioned above Dehuman actually delivers a good album if you want another old school  sounding album in your collection.
The album overall is good and has it's highlights and you get descent guitar solos,the typical drums sounding with Morbid Angel anno "Domination" era feel to it.

Even though the album is professionally done & pretty good at times I feel like i sit left with a Morbid Angel,Death,Obituary clone and it's like they are not trying to hide it either cause everything is so predictable especially if you listened to Tampa,Florida death metal in the early 90's you'll know what I mean.

Im' not saying it's all bad,they could have come up with a bit more of their own ,since I feel I've heard this SO many times before,and it's nothing I can find to is unique to this band alone and it becomes somewhat boring if you leave the "nostalgia" part behind there is nothing special about this excerpt some good melodies in between.

It's kinda hard to say anything more about this one than if you love early Florida based death metal
you'll probably love this,but if you're looking for some progression,this is not it.
As said above it's not a bad album music wise ,but the references/links to other bands here is TOO obvious in my ears.

To sum it up shortly this will probably appeal to old school worshippers or new fans of death metal.
In the future I think they should concentrate of creating something of their own instead of following an old musical path that has been done too many times before without their own twist on it.

Wanderer - Bypassing The Abyss

The Wanderer project was created in the summer of 2003 by two participants known as Mysteriom and Dragonheart. Even though this was released in 2005 I've never heard of it before. This is intense raw & extreme black metal in the truest sense of the word. What I like about this release is the pretty unique sound very cold & industrial sounding with very obvious links to old brutal bands like Blasphemy & so on... Alongside with some pretty cool riffs they use some majestic synth arrangements in the background that manages to create a descent sound. The tracks here are pretty long lasting actually up to 10 minutes so there is some deadlights here and there. And the production ,especially the vocals & guitars can be a bit "too much" at times for my taste,it becomes to noisy and chaotic overall. But there is some pretty good tracks on the album,but the production ruins the overall impression at times. It's not a bad album,but it's not something that will end up in my favorite list in the long run,but it's worth a listen if you're into raw industrial sounding black metal.  

This fall, Germany's Dunkelheit Produktionen will unearth the relic that is WANDERER's Bypassing the Abyss. Originally released on Magik Art in 2005, this rare recording of dark and atmospheric black metal, which was noticeably flawed due when original master was damaged before pressing, has been carefully repaired and re-mastered so every misanthropic second rings through in the way it was intended. The new edition of Bypassing the Abyss comes as a digipak with 12-page booklet including Mysterion's [vocals/lyrics/artwork] original pictures and art editing of the known Russian designer Al.Ex [Mayhem Project]. Dunkelheit Produktionen has plans for a fall release with vinyl treatment coming in 2013.

THE BEYOND Enlist New Drummer For Upcoming Recording and Live Dates

Central Pennsylvania crust-infused, old-school black metal deviants THE BEYOND have brought drummer Lucas Sweger from HORDE OF THE ECLIPSE on board to fill the recently vacated drum throne for the band's upcoming live dates and recording sessions. Sweger will make his debut with THE BEYOND tomorrow night at St. Vitus in New York City when the band performs with THE LURKING CORPSES and HAETHAN. THE BEYOND are also scheduled to play Friday, September 7th at JB McGinnes in New Castle, Delaware. In the weeks to come, the band will enter Welfare Line Studio in West Chester, PA next month to record Frostbitepanzerfuck, the full-length follow up to the Gross Encounters of the Sacrificial Rite split 7" with The Lurking Corpses which came out in early 2012 on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.     
Frostbitepanzerfuck is slated for release later this year.

Sept 6 @ Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn NY w/HAETHAN   

Sept 7 @ JB McGinnes - New Castle, DE
For more on THE BEYOND visit:

The band has made their tracks from the 2010 and 2012 split releases available at:

Doom's Day - The Unholy

Release Date: 12.04.2012
Label: PRC MUSIC (
Format: CD, Digital & T-shirt
Promotion: Explosive PR 

Hailing from the Quebec city region in QC, Canada, this new project is taking the local scene by storm... and then some. Project leader Doom is busy putting together a solid line up for a bunch of up coming shows around the province, which are expected to be something not to be missed. The album, The Unholy, originally released as a 50 copies hand numbered CDR, is being re-pressed and officially released by PRC MUSIC (Talamyus, Beyond Creation, Negativa, Salwart) on december 4th, on CD and in digital.

This outfit is new to me and I must say they leave a very good first impression already at the first listen. 

The cover is quite similar to Black Sabbath "Born Again"
Witch gives meaning after you hear this album.
This is back to the roots heavy/doom metal in the vein of bands like Ghost,Black Sabbath,Mercyful Fate,Venom,Heaven & Hel but with a new approach to it.
This album will take you back to the golden era of dark heavy metal with it's great & very easy to like melodies.
At times it reminds of Ghost,especially the vocals,but this is much more up-tempo.
It's a very melodic album with brilliant guitar sound that differs a bit from each track witch is very cool.
Also the 70's sounding keyboard is well played and makes the melodies just perfect.
It's extremely cool to hear such a splendid release since I really enjoy the way they make the music & I can actually listen to the whole album without getting bored,cause it's not really any bad tracks on it luckily.

It's solid,well produced album and contains short but long lasting tracks that are easily memorable.
I can see this being a classic in the future.
I think this band will do it big in the future with such a strong debut as this they will for sure place them on the map!

Approved as fuck!!

The album is available for pre-orders at 7.99$ Canadian here:

Hjemlengsel (Nor) - Hjemlengsel

Hjemlengsel (Nor) - Hjemlengsel

Released 27.July 2010

downtempo/metal act started up as an idead at a nachspiel in 2007 but nothing happened before late 2008.
3 tracks where recorded in 2009.

I decided to write about this despite the fact that it's a year old now.

What you get is ambient/down tempo metal with a very relaxing feel to it.
The melodies are mostly instrumental except one that has a sort of female folkish sample in it.
A very atmospheric demo combined with nicely played guitar and samlped voices & effects to build up the atmosphere,and they manage to do that.
At times it reminds me of 70's doom metal with their epic arrangements & playing.
This is overall a pretty good demo/jam and if they continue to progress in this direction I must say that I look forward to hearing more from these guys.
I advice you to dowload their tracks for free here :

It's for sure worth a listen!!

YELLOWTOOTH's Disgust to be Released September 11th on Orchestrated Misery Recordings

Orchestrated Misery Recordings is proud to announce the September 11th release of
Disgust from Indiana's YELLOWTOOTH. Fuzzed out, sludged up, pumped full of death, and stoned out of its goddamned mind, Disgust is the product of a veteran trio of 40-somethings that have done time in CHRONIC DISORDER, SEA OF TRANQUILLITY, SHADES OF GREY, SKULLVIEW, NOCTURNAL TORMENT, and INVASION. Yeah, they've got the cred, the chops, and a whole lotta ugly! Now this is the sound of decay.
Stream "Wizard Dust" and "Soulstalker"

Wizard Dust


John Wilkes Booth

75 Black Pontiac

Burning Daylight

Prophetic Ramblings

On the Trail of Lewis Medlock


Decaying from Within

11th Hour

Contact for press inquiries.

What is Yellowtooth? It is a band that has been in theory for several years, but the planets and sun would never align to allow such a debacle to exist. Consisting of two members from the Michigan City band CHRONIC DISORDER and a roaming nomad named Clemens, the three found themselves in a dark basement in the spring of 2008 planning on world domination. In all actuality, the three ended up drinking the night away, talking about old influences, and the new sounds emanating from the underground. 
This is where the story begins... 
Yellowtooth is made up of Henry McGinnis (guitar/vocals), Ed Kribs (percussion) and Peter Clemens (bass/vocals), all veterans of the music scene since the early '90s. Both Ed and Hank could be found jamming the heavier tunes in an age where pop and crap mixed hand in hand.  In the early '90s they formed CHRONIC DISORDER and proceed to assault the locals with their brand of metal. Clemens, on the other hand, delved deeply into the sounds of death metal and heavy thrash with SHADES OF GREY and SEA OF TRANQUILLITY, finally landing on bass for the classic metal band SKULLVIEW.   
With the advent of fuzz/stoner rock, the disharmonic sounds of sludge and a coming of age (all members are over 40), the boys in northern Union country found a longing for playing music that melded their influences with their particular writing styles. Thus began the essence of Yellowtooth. 
If you're lucky enough, or privileged enough, you should be holding some form of release from this band: a demo CD, cassette or some bootlegged mp3 material that we've passed along. Please enjoy it. We haven't reinvented the wheel, but added a couple burs and nicks on the outside!


INCANTATION Comments On Recent Tour; Reveals New Album Title

After a successful trek through Brazil with IMMOLATION and European summer festival campaign, death metal pioneers INCANTATION are back in the U.S. to wrap up work on their long-awaited eighth album. The band had this to say about the tour:

Guitarist/vocalist John McEntee: "I would like to thank everyone on behalf of INCANTATION for making this festival run our most successful to date. To get the opportunity to play for so many diehard death metal fans was absolutely amazing. We are especially thankful to all our supporters for giving us a warm welcome at all the festivals, you guys were amazing and totally raging every day. Most of all we would like to thank Sam Inzerra [Mortician / Funerus] for doing a phenomenal job filling in for Kyle  on drums. Without you this run would probably not be able to happen."

Bassist Chuck Sherwood: "To the hoards of thousands that littered the fests of this past run. Old friends and new, brothers whom we shared a stage, and the  unmatched support of the staff of each fest respectively. It's my hope that our performance reflected the metal rage that you gave us, Hails!'
Live footage of INCANTATION performing at Motocultor Festival 2012 in France has been posted at this location.

 In other news, the band has revealed that their forthcoming release will be a concept album entitled Vanquish in Vengeance
. Expect a November release via Listenable Records.
McEntee comments: "The title track is about the massacre of Saxons in the town of Verdun in 782, called on by order of King Charlemagne. As an album title it has a different meaning to me. Vanquish in Vengeance symbolizes the long history of the band. We have fought many battles over the years to keep things going. We have always stayed true to our original vision and have never caved into trends. After a long wait between albums we are back with a vengeance with some of our darkest and heaviest material to date."  

Chuck Sherwood - Bass
Alex Bouks - Guitar
Kyle Severn - Drums
John McEntee - Guitar, Vocals

AD PATRES' Scorn Aesthetics Out Now on Kaotoxin Records

                                        For Immediate Release - 09/03/12
Scorn Aesthetics, the debut from French death metal quintet AD PATRES is now available via Kaotoxin Records. Not did AD PATRES just release one of the most impressive debut full-lengths to date, but as the reports of the band's live performance prowess indicate, the power AD PATRES brings to the stage is incomparable. 

Drummer/founder Alsvid [SETH], who has been part of so many prestigious French black metal bands in a span of 17 years, has created his vision of the perfect death metal album with Scorn Aesthetics. Combining songwriting that is catchy and memorable with breakneck speed and intensity is a big part of that accomplishment. Teaming with members and ex-members of Withdrawn and I.O.S.T. that's exactly what you get with AD PATRES' stunning debut. Dark and twisted artwork, as well as a massive production from GOROD's own Bud Studio, make the package complete. Recommended for fans of Suffocation, Severe Torture, Hate Eternal, and Seth.

Scorn Aesthetics is available at


"A solid and sadistic introduction to their manic violence." - From the Dust Returned
"Excellent!" [8/10] - Rotting Hill

**ATTN DISTROS - Distributed by Season of Mist in France, Kaotoxin Records is seeking worldwide distribution for its releases. Interested parties should get in touch with **

CRYPTOPSY Announce U.S. Release Date For Self-titled Album

Montreal extreme metal veterans CRYPTOPSY have announced November 20th as the U.S. release date for their forthcoming self-titled album. Already a contender for many a critic's top ten of 2012 list, Cryptopsy marks a furious return to the band's tech-minded roots. Cryptopsy will be released in the U.S. by Cryptopsy/Defen Society in association with Revulotion Harmony/Candlelight Records. Pre-orders for the album are available through the band at or by visiting this location.  

Praise for Cryptopsy

"A startlingly intense and memorably brutal self-titled album. Surely the most solid collection of tech-death songs released in 2012." (9/10)  - Outburn

"This is a full-bore return to the death metal the band excels at." - Decibel
"The band make a case for tech death, or extreme death metal, as more than a logical abstraction, and certainly more than a nostalgia act. Cryptopsy brings the old sickness back on this." - Metal Sucks

"A welcome return for the Canadian masters of vicious technical fury."  - Terrorizer

Cryptopsy is an extreme metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  During the past twenty years, Cryptopsy have wreaked havoc throughout the metal genre by releasing six studio albums (Blasphemy Made Flesh, None So Vile, Whisper Supremacy, And Then You'll Beg, Once Was Not and The Unspoken King), a live album (None So Live) and an EP (Ungentle Exhumation), which have confronted and invigorated the conventional approach to writing extreme music.  Now in 2012, Cryptopsy have returned to their roots in order to craft their newest endeavor entitled Cryptopsy.  The band has said that Cryptopsy will be their most brutal, technical and dynamic offering as of yet.

Flo Mounier: Drums/Vocals
Jon Levasseur: Lead & Rhythm guitar
Chris Donaldson: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Matt McGachy: Lead Vocals
Olivier Pinard: Bass Guitar