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Vinyl's: - Nattestid - Bjoergvin - Doedskvad - Taake -Gravkamre, Kroner og Troner

Cd's: - You can get all the vinyl's on cd too

Tape/Cassette: - I only have 1 Taake left and I think that 's the only original left, if I understood Ørjan (Hoest) right....

Patch: - Regular patch with the weaponshield on - Bacpatch with the same design

T-shirt's: - 20 Anniversary with the weaponshield (Girlies/Regular and Black or White) - Gravkamre, Kroner og Troner (Girlies/Regular and Black or White) - The Castle ( Regular and only in Black/Newest design - The Weaponshield (Regular and only in Black/The newest design)


Vinyl's: - The Dystopia Journal
T- shirts: - Griffin Design (Girlies/Regular and only in Black) - Logo (Girlies/Regular and only in Black)


Vinyl's: - Diin
T- shirt's: - Gold Design (Girlies/Regular and only in Black)

Vinyl's: - From The Speed Metal Graves (Signed and Unsigned)
Cd's: - From The Speed Metal Graves (Signed and Unsigned)
Promo's: - From The Speed Metal Graves (Promo 2007) - Headbangers Resistance (Promo 2008)
T- shirt's: - Hells Headbangers (Girlies/Regular only in black)


Cd's: - Gap Var Ginnunga - Ygdrasil (Special Edition Signed or Unsigned)
T- Shirts: - Ygdrasil (Black Shirt with Golden Ygdrasil Tree)
Hoodie's: - Zip-Hoodie with the Ygdrasil Sign (Black with Red Design)



T- shirt's: - Witches of Belial (Black)
Cd's: - Midnight Special - Witches of Belial
Cassette's: - Midnight Special
Cap 's/Hat: - The logo (Black and to Different Design's)


Vinyl's: - Dorsal Atlantica/Metalmorphose Gatefold (Split Ultimatum)


Cd's: - Den Som Herjer (Signed and Unsigned)

Patche's; - Logo With the Artist

Patche's: - Logo with a man with a sword in one hand and a chopped off head in the other



T- shirt's: - Front: Looks Occult (Until Christoffer tell me what it is) Back: The Svarthaueg Logo
Ep's: - Ritual (Signed)


Vinyl's: - Phonocopia Vol. 4 Gatefold
Ep's: - Apokalyptic Raids/Warhammer (Split) - Apokalyptic Raids/Graverwurm (Split) - Apokalyptic Raids/Agathocles



Cd's: - Omega Pentagram
(There might come more Cd's and maybe Vinyl's and other Merch from the best Doom band in Argentina)


Cd's: - The Great Polar Expedition - Industrial Workers Of The World


Ep's: - Taakeriket (Signert)


Ep's: - Dødsdom
T- shirt's: - Logo (Black)



Cd's: - The Enchanting Dark's Arrival



Cd's: - Here In Obscuritates Mentis - Cosmic Ekpyrosis "Nil Sine Deo - Ars Macabra IIIThere might be sizes, different merch and other stuff out off stock or I have to order it cause I'm out of stock, but theese thing's can happen cause I have a promoting page and not a regular store. I only try to help band's and fan's in any way I can with promoting, selling merch, getting band's signed, interviewd, reviewd, getting in magazines, played on metal-radios, getting merch made and alot more. I have a huge passion for this and are not trying to get rich and famous. If you buy, listen, share and support, you are helping the bands to survive. I'm not a pro but I have a good network and know alot of people in different part's of world and areas. Support. Hails...

Frykt Band Promotion

Goregast - Covered In Skin - Review

Goregast Covered in Skin
FDA Rekotz Release: 27 September 2013

They are back!... This time with a two track seven inch EP which is an appetizer for what will be their fourth full-lenght.

Just by looking at the cover one can tell what music this is ,or should be, and I love it.
Let's go back to the music which is classic death metal, mostly grinding mid tempo.
This is very catchy stuff indeed with good melodies and brutal vocals, everything is set for a perfect death metal night.
This is my first meeting with Goregast even though they have released 3 albums previously.
There is not much more to say about this release really other than if you like classic death metal with good variation,quality and something to bang your head to while annoying the neighbours this is it.


After the release of their third full-length album, Desechos Humanos, in 2011, GOREAST returns with the 11-minute, two-track 7” EP, Covered in Skin. The EP includes two new studio recordings, which will serve as an appetizer for their upcoming fourth offering (set for a spring 2014 release). Totally rancid, dark, intense and catchy classic death metal rotten to the bone. Mixed and mastered again by Andreas Hilbert (Golem), coverartwork by Dedy (Badic Art). GOREGAST shows an awesome example of varied and independently metal of death.

Track listing:
A01 – Covered In Skin
B02 – Mindcreeper


Homepage Label:

Slegest - Løyndom release dates & information

 Dark Essence Records Release: 7 October 2013

Slegest came into life as Ese left Vreid in 2010, where he played guitar on four albums. For Slegest, Ese wanted to use his inspiration from Black Sabbath and combine this with harsh vocals. This resulted in a special blend of classic heavy rock and old-school black metal elements, creating a dark and sinister sound combined with lots of groove. The self-titled Slegest debut EP was released in 2012 and got very good feedback from the metal scene.

Shortly thereafter Ese started the work on his debut album, and now “Løyndom” is ready to be released on Dark Essence Records. With “Løyndom” Slegest takes its original sound a step further, without losing any of the dirtiness or catchy groove. Apart from playing all the instruments (except a guest solo from his former band mate Sture), Ese also recorded and mixed most of the album at his Systrond Studio together with some parts at Conclave & Earshot Studio with Bjørnar E. Nilsen. The album is mastered by Herbrand Larsen (Enslaved).

Ese has now put together a live band, and will be seen at festivals in the near future. The Slegest combination of heavy and classic hard rock with old-school mid-paced black metal is a crushing experience, and fans of heavy and groovy extreme metal won’t be disappointed.

Review will come soon!


1. Ho Som Haustar Aleine
2. Rooted In Knowledge
3. I Slike Stunder
4. Løgna Sin Fiende
5. The Path Of No Return
6. Faceless Queen
7. Dirt Life Death
8. Past Burden Strenght

Band website:
Label website:

Sarkom - Doomsday Elite Relese date & Info

Dark Essence Records Release: 15 October 2013

After 5 years of silence, the Norwegian black metal crew Sarkom is back with a vengeance. They got a lot of praise for the albums “Aggravation Of Mind” and “Bestial Supremacy”, and was an active touring band around Europe. After working on other projects, Sarkom is now fully back, and “Doomsday Elite” offers a fierce and crushing black metal album. On this album, Sarkom has developed their sound and brought in new elements in their music, without losing their original sound. “Doomsday Elite” is a great step forward for the band, with lots of variation and supreme black metal tracks. Uruz from Urghehal is playing drums on the album. Guest performances on the album by Psy Coma (The Kovenant), Haan (Svarttjern), Nachtgarm (Negator), Thrawn and V. Larsen.

With a new line-up, the band can be expected to be seen on the road soon.

Review will come soon!


1. Doomsday Elite
2. I Utakt Med Gud
3. No Loose Ends
4. Inside A Haunted Chapel
5. Predators In Disguise
6. Solemn Disorder Till Human Extinction
7. Cosmic Intellect
8. Stigma

Band website:
Label website:

UK Super Metallers MONSTERWORKS Stream Earth on

Eat Lead and Die Music has recently released Earth, the newest achievement from UK-based Super Metal entity MONSTERWORKS.

The album, which features the band's usual brilliantly-crafted and melodically-sound blend of modern thrash and progressive metal, has been available via the MOSTERWORKS' webstore since last month, with digital distribution now offered through the usual digital retailers. The album is also being offered as a special edition numbered digipak CD signed by the band, with lyric booklet and two bonus tracks. has just posted the album, in its entirety, on its pages for online consumption. To stream this eight-track masterpiece, visit this location.

For a chance to win a copy of Earth, along with its predecessors The God Album (2011) and The Album of Man (2012), check out the newest contest at The site is accepting entries until Friday, September 13th for one lucky winner to receive a copy of all three. To eneter, visit

Vocalist/Guitarist Jon had this to say about the concepts surrounding Earth,

"I am intrigued by evolution, not just of biological organisms but also how the physical world changes over time, so it was not that much of a stretch to consider doing an album themed around the life-cycle of Earth; beginning with its origin 'From Dust and Gravity' where a clumping together of rock and minerals left over from a supernova explosion formed a globe orbiting an infant star. Each track progresses chronologically, from an early period called the 'Late Heavy Bombardment' which is thought to have delivered water and seeded chemical elements that developed into life and what was to be our 'Last Universal Ancestor.' Then we move onto a time where cyanobacteria started to photosynthesize and a process of 'Oxygenation' paved the way for more complex animals to evolve, 'Powered by Fate' as it were. Explosions of life, even when resulting in huge animals like dinosaurs, were often 'Bookended by Extinction' events that wiped the slate almost entirely clean until our chance came in the present 'Aeon of Man.' 

Earth honors the seemingly miraculous yet naturally occurring planet on which we live. The title track is the only song that gets a little preachy about our responsibility as custodians of the environment; the rest is just a tale of the sequence of events that got us this far. So take from it philosophically what you will, MONSTERWORKS primarily aims to produce metal which blurs the boundaries between preposterousness and the familiar while hopefully initiating a little independent thought along the way."

From Dust and Gravity
Late Heavy Bombardment
Last Universal Ancestor
Powered by Fate
Bookended By Extinction
Aeon of Man

Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle
Clawhammer PR 

Deals Death New Music Video 'Point Zero Solution'


Deals Death Unleash New Music Video ‘Point Zero Solution’

Dark times are close indeed. For too long have mankind suffered under the rules of the Elite. It is time to spread the word of their Point Zero Solution.

Masterminded by award winning director Patric Ullaeus (; today Deals Death unveil the official music video for ‘Point Zero Solution’, the title track of their upcoming and much anticipated album. ‘Point Zero Solution’ will be released via Spinefarm Records on 13th of September.

Watch ‘Point Zero Solution’ Here

Guitarist and song composer Erik Jacobson comments, “Point Zero Solution introduces the factors that lie behind a weakened society, a failed state. The lyrics deal with our human behaviour and our quest for comfort and luxury, at any cost.”

A prevailing theme throughout, vocalist and lyricist Olle Ekman comments on the album as a whole. “It’s a step-by-step description of the process which breaks down the systems of nature and society, our false hopes, our credulity towards authority and the belief in eternal growth.”

Pre-Order ‘Point Zero Solution’ Now!

 ‘Point Zero Solution’ Tracklist: 
01. Point Zero Solution
02. Facing The Echoes
03. Escalation
04. Flatline
05. Passion For Infinity
06. The Separation
07. Paramount Authority
08. Beyond Reason
09. Dark Dream Dawn
10. Back To Consciousness
11. Author Of Arts

Pagan Blood (France) - Lords Of The Seas,Review

Pagan Blood (France) - Lords Of The Seas

Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions. 2013

This band was formed by Julien previously Heathen Dawn and Hoarfen back in 2007 and released their debut 'The Last Empire' on 2009.
Their second album 'Lords Of The Seas' is now released by Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions.

'Lords Of The Seas' contains 7 long lasting tracks of pagan/black metal.
At first I found it to be way to repetitive and monotone but after some more listens I have to admit it's an overall quite good album,it's not original in any way though,but that's not always the point if you ask me.
The music is mostly mid-tempo with a very melodic approach and is has a very melodic and atmospheric touch to it.
The album has it's highlights in between ,but you might have to listen to it a few times for it to reveal itself and when it does ,you sit with a quite enjoyable album.

Pitch Black Mentality (Nor) - The Pitch Black Reality (Review)

Pitch Black Mentality (Nor) - The Pitch Black Reality early/mid 2014

This is my first meeting with this norwegian band and I have to say they give me a good impression after first listen!

The first thing that strikes me is the incredibly energy and very catchy thrash/heavy melodies/riffs these guys play, and the vocals are impressive, it sounds like they have spent some time with the production as everything sounds very professionally considering it's their debut album.
The tracks are a wonderful combination of newer and older thrash and there is no doubt that these guys know how to entertain the listeners ears.

At times I find myself nostalgic while listening as it takes me back to an era thrash was very important in my life.

Pitch Black Mentality's music have what it takes to reach out to more than just the hardcore thrash heads as their music has a wide specter and 'The Pitch Black Reality' is without doubt a fresh breath to the norwegian & worldwide thrash/metal scene.

Being a debut album 'The Pitch Black Reality' sets a high standard for future releases to come and most important for themselves.

This is an album you don't wanna miss out on!