Istårn - Downfall Of The Gods Ep 2011

According to the facebook profile they play "True Norwegian Black Metal".
But as I listen to the opening track it's obvious that there are very much thrash influences here.
At least musically speaking,especially the guitar riffs & song structure.

Listening to the second track I'm somewhat surprised as Istårn actually manage to create some good acoustic parts both on guitar and bass before they continue in a quite fast tempo,with a catchy lead guitar throughout the song. The vocal parts on the refrain part on "Fountain Of Frozen Blood" Is something I find quite enjoyable and suits the track very well.

The other part of the EP contains 2 tracks "Istårn" and the title track "Downfall Of The Gods. The first one starts of with a cool fuzzy guitar/bass riff and slowly builds up.

"Downfall Of The Gods" Starts with a real thrash riff and is probably the fastest track on this release,and agin I have to say that I really enjoy the way the make the mid-parts in the track which is extremely catchy with some "clean" vocals & some whispering.

The production is overall quite good and I think these guys can get far in the future.
A full-length is set to be released in early 2012.

Istårn at Reverbnation

Click here for review in Norwegian

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Dauden - Promo

Dauden - Promo

Black Metal .Sarpsborg, Norway

This act is actually from 2005,but was new to me until I heard some tracks of their latest promo.
Straightforward black metal is what we get here and this actually sounds like it as well, compared to many others labeling themselves the same term.
It's very tight and well played tracks you get here.
It's mostly fast all the way but slows down with some meoldic parts in beetween.
My favourite right now is "Forbannet Til Evig Jord"
This band has all the right elements combined to make something big in the future.
Don't miss out on this act if you like raw black metal.
I Haven't heard all the tracks yet,this is based upon the two tracks I've heard so far.

Note : This band is conformed to play at Hammerslag Vinterblot Festival 2012 Toghether with other great acts such as Nidingr & Ragnarol amongst others and Dark Mental Festival i Danmark 18.mai... Don't miss your chance to see this band live if you have the opportunity!

Contact : Myspace

Morbid - 1987 - Year Of The Goat

I got hold of this compilation some months ago.
It's nicely packaged in a cardboard box with cool artwork & pictures.
Inside you get a book which also is the cover of the 2 CD's inside.

Disc 1: - Contains the legendary December Moon" demo & 6 rehearsal tracks.

Disc 2: - Contains 19 Live tracks performed at Birkagården & Ultra

This is something everyone into metal should check out,cause the material on it especially the "December Moon" demo will stand forever as a piece of extreme music history. And it's great to have it all in one compilation instead of 50 bad bootlegs!
Also the material on "December Moon" is so great and timeless in my opinion that it easily chrush a lot of releases today,both music wise & same goes for the production.
I really enjoyed reading the book while listening to the music which is written from a totally different perspective than I've read or heard before.
It's more about how Dead's friends knew him before he joined Mayhem and how he developed as an artist & person in general.
There's of course some funny/classic stories and lots of pictures & stuff never seen before.
Personally I have to say that I prefer the things Dead recorded with Morbid rather than the stuff with Mayhem!
The sick "sing along" vocals on "Disgusting Semla" is absolute worth a listen if you haven't heard it before.

I'm glad I bought this & have it in my collection!!

Morbid Official

It's on CD & Vinyl.. The Vinyl version comes in at least 6-8 colors !

The green vinyl can be bought here : NuclearWarNow


Autopsy's 'All Tomorrow's Funerals', featuring new studio tracks, plus remastered versions of the band's classic EP releases & rarities, is now available for pre-order on CD
Order Cd here
& double gatefold vinyl : Order vinyl here
. Released 20th February

Next up is an interview with a very young & talented artist form Bergen,Norway. This guy has a lot on his mind & it's seems like he manage to accomplish his goals slowly ,but thats not a surprise since he's very dedicated to his work and have a lot of willpower when it comes to his projects. It will hopefully appear here before I leave to Egypt for a while,so stay tuned.


Hammerslag : Vinterblot 2012

If you have the opportunity don't miss the chance to check out this festival.
Which will take place in Tønsberg,Norway Friday, February 17, 2012
With acts such as : Dauden,Ragnarok,Nidingr & much more this set set to be a great weekend!

Read more here : Hammerslag 2012


Karmøygeddon had been around for some years now as most of you probably know,they are known for the great choices of acts,
They have a wide range of genres represented from heavy metal to more extreme styles well combined the kick off party has already been ,but the main festival is in april & a great replacement if you miss HITS .

Check out for latest news å line-up!

Blasphemy, Antediluvian, Vanhelgd confirmed for NWN Fest III 2012
December 14th, 2011

November 8th, 9th, 10th 2012 Berlin Germany

11/8: Blackland Club


11/9 and 11/10 : Postbahnhof-Fritzckub


Rotting Christ
Ares Kingdom
Dead Congregation
Knelt Rote


Black Witchery
Embrace of Thorns
Bestial Raids

Please note that they are still negotiating with Vader to play the fest.

Brought to you in conspiracy with Iron Bonehead Productions. Sponsored by Terrorizer Magazine.

Facebook page

Beginning immediately after the devastation of 2010’s NWN! Fest, NWN! and Iron Bonehead sought to replenish the arsenal for the next assault. In order to ensure the same level of quality that has characterized the previous fests, it was decided that there would be no fest in 2011. Next year, however, NWN! fest will return with a lineup that exceeds all expectations. The fest will feature many veterans of the first line of the NWN! infantry including Ares Kingdom, Morbosidad, Embrace of Thorns, Dead Congregation, Proclamation, Blasphemophagher, and Black Witchery as well as new death squad recruits like Bunkur, Anatomia, Demonomancy, Wrathprayer, Adorior, Perversor, Pseudogod, Knelt Rote, and Bestial Raids. Among the acts topping the bill on each of the three nights will be NWN! mainstays Abigail, Revenge, and Sabbat. Special sets are being planned for two of the most savage of the NWN! mercenary division. Rotting Christ will play a set dedicated to their earlier work featuring only material from “Thy Mighty Contract” and earlier in honor of their upcoming release of early demo and EP material on NWN!.

Websites worth checking out!

Duplicate Records

A very dedicated label/distribution ran and founded by one man.
Nice label and most important,good and friendly service,fast shipping.
Einar,the man behind this surely knows his music and has an ear for quality.
Just check out the releases so far and you'll know what I'm talking about.
Not afraid to gamble on new underground bands and through the years I've discovered
You will also find a lot of alternative releases & hard to get elsewhere stuff here.
They've released great acts such as Eljudner,Beyond Dawn,Universe 217,Lydia Laska & Inferno to name a few.
Now Demonhood Productions is started as well and has released great acts Vithr,Vetter and more.
I got a sampler from them last year,here you'll find almost every genre there is in metal more or less.

Duplicate Records

Grimface is a underground distribution company residing in Norway.
They have an excellent variety of items in stock,t-shirts,second hand,rarities etc.
Well worth checking out!!

No Posers.. Is a distro/label mostly concentrating on(ly) vinyl (is real) !
They have a huge variety in stock especially 7", 10" an lots of underground fanzines at a very cheap price!
Friendly service & fast shipping if you're not a poser!
They even have a "Rip Off Warning" with pictures & addresses & more info,which is kinda cool.
Take a look and you might just find some interesting stuff!!

No Posers Please!