REVELATION: Salvation's Answer to be Reissued by Shadow Kingdom Records April 29

Shadow Kingdom Records will reissue a Doom Metal classic called Salvation's Answer from Baltimore's REVELATION on April 29. Shadow Kingdom's Tim McGrogan gives us the rundown:

"Shadow Kingdom Records is thrilled to finally re-issue a groundbreaking 90's Doom Metal classic - REVELATION - Salvation's Answer! This was originally released on the classic Rise Above Records all the way back in 1991. It was one of their first releases when they started the label. Even today, there's nothing quite like this album, a lost gem stuck in the sands of time. Very few bands have been influenced by REVELATION's unique brand of Progressive Doom Metal. This is a special album that will only attract people who are really looking for sub-basement classics."
Salvation's Answer is streaming now at

Details and ordering info can be found at

Shadow Kingdom Records to Reissue Manilla Road's Mystification April 29

Shadow Kingdom Records has announced the latest in a string of brilliant Manilla Road reissues with the Wichita, Kan., band's sixth album, Mystification.

Manilla Road's official sixth full-length is the last of what many longtime fans consider as their most classic period. Albums Crystal Logic, Open the Gates, The Deluge and Mystification are considered by many to be the bands best years. Even though they're one of the very few long time running Heavy Metal bands that are still putting out great records, those four albums are the golden years. Mystification marks Manilla Road's first foray into the realm of Thrash Metal. The band has played with faster tempos on previous album, but this is a record that delivers an intensity comparable to early Slayer. Manilla Road mainman Mark Shelton proves himself to be one of Heavy Metal's most skilled songwriters with this flawless mix of classic and thrash metal.

This reissue is noteworthy for being the first edition of Mystification to be released on CD in the original song order along with the original mixing and mastering. This will be a huge treat for fans that have never heard the album this way because the re-issue done in the year 2000, was mixed and mastered differently along with the track order switched around. You'll finally be able to hear the way it was originally was back in 1987!

Details and order info can be found at

MONSTERWORKS Release Universe on Eat Lead and Die Records

13.7 billion years in the making, Eat Lead and Die Music is pleased to announce the impending release of MONSTERWORKS' Universe. The album is available as a download and special-edition, numbered digipak signed by the band, with lyric booklet.   

Another brilliant addition to MONSTERWORKS' critically-acclaimed discography, Universe is becoming known as one of 2014's "can't miss" albums. RingMaster Review called Universe "a piece of sonic alchemy which leaves the listener involved and excited on numerous levels." To experience Universe,visit one of the links below:  
Digital download - 
Signed digipak CD - 
Last month, MONSTERWORKS released a music video for the track "Voyager." Footage for the video is taken from various documentaries about the Voyager space mission and the "grand tour" of our solar system undertaken by its two spacecraft. Voyager 1 is the furthest from Earth of the two probes and has now entered interstellar space. 
The video is now playing at this location

Read the complete set of lyrics from Universe at the link below. 
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"Universe is a basket of musical treats including psychedelic candy, melodic rock cookies and delicious slices of space metal. The heart of death and thrash beats strongly behind the compositions, but every track brings forth something startling and captivating."
- A Metal State of Mind

"...a cosmic roller coaster ride of emotion, musical styles and psychedelic mind blasting"
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AMONG GODS Malstrøm‏ PRC MUSIC Release: 5 February 2014

AMONG GODS new single now available!

"MAELSTROM" taken from the upcoming 2nd album "MONUMENT" coming out in May on PRC MUSIC. Amongs Gods debut album was well recieved here so the expectation was big when I listened to their new single 'Maelstrøm' from their upcoming album 'Monumentum'.  The first thing I notice is that they have slowed down the tempo, at least on this track, but do not despair, they still deliver the good melodic death metal like we are used to.I would say they have taken a step forward and seems more secure to what they are doing on this release with very satisfying resultsThe band has grown more mature musically and it sounds like they are not afraid to experiment a little to take their music to another level.Right now we  enjoy this track until the release of 'Monumentum' witch is right around the corner.

Kaotoxin Records Releases Posthumous INSAIN EP Enlightening the Unknown

French metal juggernaut Kaotoxin Records has given worldwide release to Enlightening the Unknown from the recently disbanded butchers INSAIN.    

This chaotic and explosive swansong is a fitting end to a band whose career was cut short,  but impact is difficult to deny. The EP is available as a digital download and on limited edition (1,000 copies only with no repress) DigiSleeve CD.   

Stream and purchase Enlightening the Unknown at

Order INSAIN merch and the band's full-length debut, Spiritual Rebirth at

"Enlightening the Unknown is quite irresistible, a dangerously addictive venture which brings a sigh at the loss of a band once probably destined to be a giant of metal."
[10/10] - RingMaster Reviews

"This is an EP that will appeal to any metalhead that has an appetite for brutality and chaos. Insain, with this EP, seem to be saying that they would rather go out with a bang than any other way." - Axis of Metal


ENTHRALLMENT: Download "Tool of Suicide" Free at

Bulgarian Death Metal vets ENTHRALLMENT have teamed with to offer a free download of the song "Tool of Suicide" off the band's recently released The Voice of Human Perversity.
Fans and critics across the globe have latched onto this eight-track monstrosity, with WonderBoxMetal calling the album a "compelling offering that has a timeless quality." The Voice of Human Perversity is out now on Rebirth the Metal Productions in Europe, South America, and North America and on Grindhead Records in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Mastered by James Murphy in Safehouse Productions, the follow up to 2012's
People from the Lands of Vit (United Guttural) raises the bar yet again with ETHRALLMENT's deft blend of U.S. and European Death Metal styles.
Snag your free download of "Tool of Suicide" at this location.


Contact for interview opportunities and other press matters. 
Enthrallment started their existence at the end of the 90s- at the zenith of the death metal industry. Back in 1996 the drummer of the band was enchanted by the new advancing death metal sound and decided to form Enthrallment. In the summer of 1998 the band gathered the complete set of musicians and started a serious work on their first songs. A year later the band realized these songs into their first demo.
Enthrallment distinguish itself from most of the death metal bands in the world with their originality. You never know what these guys will serve you in the next album. They precisely mix USA and European death metal together with a different kind of sound and this makes them unique in the genre of death metal. Many musicians have played in the band and every one of them has left their style in the band's music and it can be seen in each release.
Their first concerts outside the borders of Bulgaria happened in the year 2004 when on the Serbian festival "Hellhammer" they shared the stage with the Czech band Hypnos and only a few days earlier they had gathered a great number of fans in one of the clubs for extreme music in Bucharest. They also had concerts on the same stage with Destruction, Obituary, Deicide, Vital Remains, Napalm Death, Mystic Circle and many more... It's also worth mentioning their tour with Malevolent Creation, Rotting Christ and Rotten Sound. In 2011 they played on the Obscene Extreme Festival.
Enthrallment were formed in times of political and social turbulence. In these times the band went through a lot of changes and now they are moving forward, keep on creating new works of depravity.

Alerion - VII Sanctvaries

I have to admit that I forgot about this release which was sent to me by Le Crepuscule Du Soir Productions a while ago,found it while digging' in the crates the other days,so anyways,better late than never right? I thought I'd give justice to them since they sent me the album.
Alerion which is located in France, released this album 2012,to me they are a new experience.
Their music is what I would call melodic black metal at times a bit melancholic feel to it.
It's overall a pretty good album with good variation throughout ,that goes for both music and vocals, which is in the old school spirit in my opinion.These guys do not rush through the album as there are a lot of breaks and calm parts which fits very well mostly.
The only thing I could have been without is the guitar solos at some parts, do not misunderstand me as most of the guitarparts are well done and helps building the atmosphere, actually one might call this progressive at times as it's quite different from what I've heard before, the straightforward metal parts is more 'usual' though and as for the guitar solos I mentioned it's just a tiny part so it doesn't really do any harm to the overall impression.
It's a good album ,but still somewhat predictable at times, they have some excellent ideas here and there though, but apart form that it becomes somewhat boring as I feel like I've heard this many times before, it has that typical melodic black metal sound and for me it becomes to melodic.
I mean one thing is to bring in melodic elements,another thing is overdoing it.
To be honest I found it pretty entertaining the other day, but while listening now I'm somewhat bored.
It's not easy to say if it's my mood or if it's the record.
It's an eight track album and most of the tracks lasts longer than 5 minutes so you get value for the money.If you like melodic black metal I suggest you give it a try as it's not a bad album ,it's just a bit too much for my taste at times.    
          Listen & buy the album here : Le Crepuscule Du Soir

DEAD EARTH POLITICS Reveal Artwork, Release Details for The Queen of Steel

Austin, Texas metal unit DEAD EARTH POLITICS have revealed the artwork and release details for their new EP, The Queen of Steel.  
Starting on Saturday, March 8, DEAD EARTH POLITICS will kick off The Queen of Steelrelease week celebration, that will run throughout this year's SXSW Music Festival. In showcases and on the streets, the band will be out in full force during the city-wide fest in support of the EP. The Queen of Steel will be released as a digital-only, name-your-price download, complete with lyrics and liner notes. The track "Redneck Dragonslayer" is currently available for streaming at this location.     
SXSW and additional dates, including information about the upcoming Mike Scaccia Rock The Heart Benefit Concert with DOWN and WARBEAST, are posted below.    

March 8 - Austin, Texas @ Texas Metal Monsters at The Dirty Dog Bar; 9:30 p.m.
March 12 - Austin, Texas @ Official SXSW Showcase at Metal & Lace; 7 p.m.
April 14 - Austin, Texas @ The Dirty Dog Bar w/ ANVIL
May 24 - Austin, Texas @ Mike Scaccia's Rock the Heart Benefit at Emo's
Set for Saturday, May 24 at Emo's in Austin, Texas, the show will also feature performances by DOWN, WARBEAST and THE SCACCIANATORS - a Mike Scaccia tribute band consisting of former RIGOR MORTIS members Casey Orr, Harden Harrison, Bruce Corbitt & Doyle Bright w/ special guests Mike Taylor (Rabid Flesh Eaters), Philip Anselmo, Scott Shelby (Warbeast), Rick Perry (Gammacide) and more. Show details and information about the Mike Scaccia Heart Rock Foundation can be found at HERE.
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ACHERON: Kult des Hasses Out Now; Album Preview, Interview Video Now Playing at Decibel Magazine

Underground Death Metal legends ACHERON are back with a vengeance in the form ofKult des Hasses. The band's newest long-player, and first since inking a deal in blood with Listenable Records, is by far their most relentless and devastating.  

New Noise Magazine's Eric May called the disc "absolutely essential," while Alice Roques of RockRevolt Magazine states "the album as a whole is a blood drenched sonic landscape full of decadent morsels of musical flesh." Decibel Magazine is getting in on the action as well with their exclusive album preview/video interview featuring ACHERON founder Vincent Crowley. Check it out at this location.    

Kult des Hasses is available on CD and vinyl formats at the link below:

On Kult des Hasses, ACHERON founder Vincent Crowley has been joined on this album by longtime drummer Kyle Severn and guitarist Art Taylor. Also appearing on the record as a guest lead guitarist is Ricktor Ravensbruck from the bands WOLFPACK 44, ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB and WOLFEN SOCIETY. Kult des Hasses was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio at Bad Back Studios and mixed and mastered by Dan Swano of Unisound.  

Guest vocalists on Kult des Hasses include Kam Lee (Ex-MASSACRE, THE GROTESQUERY and BONE GNAWER), Jim Lippucci (SOULLESS), John McEntee (INCANTATION/FUNERUS), Jill McEntee (FUNERUS), Ash Thomas (ESTUARY/FAITHXTRACTOR) and Zdenka Prado (ESTUARY).

"Numerous songs are charged and possessed by twisted, vile riffs, chaotic yet sometimes melodic solos and that underlying atmosphere which, when seperated completely from the burgeoning instrumentation, could well be mistaken for the background noise of a Satanic ritual." [4/5] -

"Whether Kult des Hasses is the band's strongest effort to date we will leave for others to decide, but for death metal with the bravery and skill to be so much more, this is one magnificent offering." [9/10] - RingMasterReviews

Vincent Crowley - bass, vocals
Kyle Severn - drums
Art Taylor - Guitar

MONSTERWORKS: Universe Streaming in Full at Zero Tolerance

Universe, the latest offering of  brilliance from UK supermetal outfit MONSTERWORKS, is now streaming in its entirety at the online portal for Zero Tolerance Magazine. A full week ahead of its March 11 release date, the album that praises for being "a cosmic roller coaster ride of emotion, musical styles and psychedelic mind blasting" is now making the internet a better place for music fans at .

Last month, MONSTERWORKS released a music video for the track "Voyager." Footage for the video is taken from various documentaries about the Voyager space mission and the "grand tour" of our solar system undertaken by its two spacecraft. Voyager 1 is the furthest from Earth of the two probes and has now entered interstellar space. 
The video is now playing at this location

13.7 billion years in the making, Eat Lead and Die Music is pleased to announce the impending release of MONSTERWORKS' Universe on March 11, 2014. The album will be available as a download and special-edition, numbered digipak 5.1 surround mix on DVD signed by the band, with lyric booklet. 
 Read the complete set of lyrics from Universe at the link below. 
(PDF will open in new tab)


"Universe is a basket of musical treats including psychedelic candy, melodic rock cookies and delicious slices of space metal. The heart of death and thrash beats strongly behind the compositions, but every track brings forth something startling and captivating."
- A Metal State of Mind

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Blackrat - Whiskey and Blasphemy


Let's talk about Blackrat's debut album 'Whiskey and Blasphemy released by Xnihilo records 2013.This guys have obviously not understood what decade we live in, as the album reeks of the 80's all the way. Hey wait, I did not say it was a bad thing,did I?..
If you were into metal some decades ago you'll know what I mean when I say that this band uses fast aggressive vocals with delay, kinda like early Mayhem,Kreator,Sodom etc. 
Loud chaotic basslines,guitars and drums it's the 80's all over again, so I find myself thinking aren't there enough bands out there doing the same, the answer is yes, it seems like it has become pop to play 80's black/thrash metal.Most likely all these bands will jump off to the next thing that become pop.So I find myself thinking again (quite rare actually) this time about Blackrat ,the band I'm reviewing.Will they stand the fall of time or will they fall just in time? Hard question as I'm not capable of predicting the future but I can  continue to share my thoughts about it with you.
'Whiskey and Blasphemy is a rather short lasting album with eleven tracks rooted in early black & thrash metal and even some punk ,take Mayhem's Deathcrush' without the hi-pitched vocals to explain it simple.All of the tracks are relatively pretty short ,not one over 3 minutes, but it suits the music & album perfectly as longer tracks could easily become boring,so smart move there.
As for the music I have to say that I enjoy it even though there has been a lot bands jumping on this wagon lately, then again that is not Blackrat's fault.I find it very amusing and it's hard not to bang my head at times, they also manage to capture that 'evil' atmosphere I enjoyed so much while listening especially to Kreator & such bands.
Other tracks are more uplifting and more headbanger friendly, one thing they all have in common is the raw and primitive  riffs and structure.Overall a good album and definitely worth chekin' out ,especially if you like it the old fashioned way.